Full moon appears on Christmas Day for the first time in 38 years. There won't be another Christmas full moon until 2034 - so make sure you go out and see it.

As US space agency Nasa says, the full moon will appear brightest at 11:11pm GMT, but it'll be full throughout the day - so if you woke up early to see if Santa had been, you may have caught a glimpse of it.

This full moon is the last of the year, and is nicknamed the 'Full Cold Moon', since it occurs at the beginning of winter.

According to NASA, the Full Cold Moon will still be full the next night on December 25.

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December Full Moon Names From Native American Tribes

Kaitvitjuitk (Inuit). Cold Moon (Celtic). Night Moon (Taos). Respect Moon (Hopi). Bitter Moon (Chinese). Peach Moon (Choctaw). Twelfth Moon (Dakotah). Big Winter Moon (Creek) Real Goose Moon (Kiowa). Cold Time Moon (Mohawk). Ashes Fire Moon (San Juan). Oak Moon (Medieval English). Big Bear’s Moon (Winnebago). Long Night Moon (Neo-Pagan). Popping Trees Moon (Arapaho). Running Wolves Moon (Cheyenne). Frost Fish Moon (Passamaquoddy). Cold Moon, Long Nights Moon (Algonquin). Snow Moon, Before Yule Moon (Cherokee). Oak Moon : Full, : Snow Moon Dark (Janic). Popping Tress Moon, Deer Horn Shedding Moon (Sioux).

Other moon names : Wolf Moon, Turning Moon, Heavy Snow Moon, Aerra Geola, Under Burn Moon, Big Winter Moon, Winter Maker Moon, Yellow Leaves Moon, Little Finger Moon, Mid-Winter Moon, Wintermonat, Small Spirits Moon.

Full Moon Over Louisville

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