Around 3000 people protested on Saturday ,January 16th, 2016, in Lyon, France "to say no to wolf hunting".

They were protesting against the current regulation that authorizes the slaughter of a number of these canids (36 in 2015).

In the last 6 months, 41 wolves have already been killed. Currently, in France, there are less than 300 wolves (around 280), and they are protected by the Berne Convention, but the slaughters still go on...

33 of the environmental groups and associations involved in this movement were there, and several personalities like Captain Paul Watson (founder of Sea Shepherd), Allain Bougrain-Dubourg ( president of the LPO - League for the Protection of Birds), Fabrice Nicolino, journalist at Charlie Hebdo, Gérard Charollois (lawyer and environmental activist), Pierre Athanaze (Action Nature), Marc Giraud (ASPAS), Yves Paccalet ( writer, philosopher, journalist, and naturalist), were also present.
Written by Véronique Renaud
Photos Credit Véronique Renaud - Website

" Yes to cohabitation with wolves"

"No to wolf hunt" by Animal Cross

Captain Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd 

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Responses to "3000 people protested in France to say 'NO' to wolf hunting."

  1. Unknown says:

    Bless those who speak for these beautiful and wrongly persecuted creatures!🐺

  2. Unknown says:

    No WOLVES should b Killed no matter the situation! They have every right 2 live!

  3. DonaLa says:


    How Wolves Change Rivers

  4. Lisa Grundmann says:

    Ban all wolf hunting. All creatures great & small have the right to be protected & treated with the respect they deserve . ♒️����☮

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