With an estimated 150,000 cats and dogs roaming its streets, Istanbul, Turkey, has more strays than its government knows how to handle.

 Despite these overwhelming numbers, one woman does her very best to help the city's animals.

Vera, a resident of the city's coastal Kartal district, takes care of the 350 or so stray cats that live on the region's the rocky shore, providing them with the food and medical care they so desperately need.

During the winter, when food is scarce, Vera tries to feed the cats every day, bringing up to 50 lbs. of food down to the water.

With limited resources, Vera can only help the hundreds of stray cats so much. That doesn't stop her from doing everything she can. (Source)


Responses to "Woman Braves Cold To Feed Hundreds Of Stray Cats Each Day "

  1. Lell says:

    This is wonderful, what a lovely woman. However it would be good to see a neutering programme so a next generation wouldn't have to suffer like this.....

  2. Everywhere, there are good people!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Vera! You are great. Not everybody would spend his private funds on food for stray cats or dogs. As I was once to Izmir I was shocked how heart-less some people there could be...

  4. Unknown says:

    If the neighborhood pitched a few dollars each & fund me was set up, vera might be able to do this & get them vaccinated & spayed/neutered. There are also grants that provide financial aid. Humane Society should also help her wiuth food & support.

  5. Unknown says:

    Why use plates? Bring a scraper and move some snow. They will eat it from that and it is too cold to get all soggy. Wind always blew my plates away. They are not house cats, they won't mind.

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