Bella is only 9 weeks old now, she's so smart and learns really fast!

Dogs show their love in a lot of different ways. They snuggle, they kiss, they protect. But what about when they just come right out and say it? That’s what this pup has learned to do.

Little Bella here really loves her dad, so much so that she’s learning to speak to him in his language! It’s actually pretty amazing the way she’s already learned how to talk back to him even though she’s so young.

It just goes to show you that not only are dogs some of the most loving creatures on earth, they’re also incredibly smart.

We should all take the time today to say “I love you!” to all of our fur babies (as if we don’t already do that a million times a day.. at least) and maybe if we say it enough times they’ll say it back! Or, more likely, they’ll just give us a few kisses and maybe some snuggle time. It all sounds pretty good to us.


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