It would be so awesome to know what animals dream about when they hit the Zs. Until a dream viewing machine is invented, all we can do is take a wild guess, judging by their twitching, sleep running motions, and the cute little sounds they make.

 Beloved furry family member or rescued wild creature, it is all entertaining when it comes to watching them explore dreamland, especially any and all baby animals. And oh my goodness, baby animals are just so dang cute!

About Wildlife Aid: All wild animals that come into their care are treated and rehabilitated completely free of charge. Their aim is to return every animal that is capable of surviving back to its natural environment. Unfortunately, there are still too many incidents when illness or injuries - often deliberately inflicted by man - are so severe that they would never be able to survive in the wild.

At the Wildlife Aid Foundation, they do not believe that it is right to keep any wild animal in captivity and so, heartbreakingly, they allow any such animal the dignity of a peaceful and pain free death in a warm and comfortable environment. This is only ever a last resort and every day, their volunteer's dedication and care allows them to see remarkable recoveries where others might have given up.


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