You never know who will come calling these days.

 Dan Bull and his two cats, Sammy and Jimmy, were hanging out at their U.K. home when Jimmy noticed a visitor at their back door. Surprise! A suave fox.

Both parties seemed a little baffled, but according to Bull, neither of his cats nor the fox acted hostile — just with a "relaxed inquisitiveness."

But, alas, all cute encounters must come to an end. "I must go," said the fox. "I have rabbits to catch, other windows to visit."

Fox is a shy mammal that looks almost dog-like and it can be seen throughout the country on farmlands, moors, in woodlands and in towns and cities. It is a member of the dog family and lives in a family group which consists of a Dog Fox, a dominant Vixen and often two more Vixens which help to raise the young.



Responses to "Cat Notices The Most Unexpected Visitor At His Door"

  1. Unknown says:

    Ok, I think your last assessment would be correct. Food is the first thing on any wild animals mind, especially if they live in or close to the city.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The voice you hear is Danbull a incredibility talented rapper.

  3. Libya16 says:

    Fox looks a bit poorly. Perhaps he was asking for help.

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