Mother Elephants Protects Calf From Tourists

Tourists visiting Kruger National Park in South Africa got quite the treat recently when they saw a mother elephant and her tiny baby just strolling by.

As the pair crossed the road, the tiny elephant started to veer away from his mama, perhaps wanting to get a closer look at the strangers in his home.

But his mom was NOT on board with that plan.

The protective mama elephant quickly pulled her baby away from the tourists. As the park wrote beneath the video, it's "almost as if she is saying, 'Don't talk to strangers.'"

The curious baby was excited to see the tourists, but ultimately followed his mom — after all, mom always knows best.


Responses to "Protective Elephant Mom Not So Sure About Her Baby's New Friends "

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who can blame her?

  2. Arrow54 says:

    Smart Momma. Protect these beautiful animals before they are gone too.

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