The connection between humans and our canine companions is famously unshakable, but for one lonely dog in Argentina, even death could not break that bond.

Three months after his owner died during surgery, a dog named Pirata still won't leave the hospital room where he last saw the man alive.

Staff at Río Cuarto's San Antonio De Padua Hospital repeatedly tried to remove the dog, Diario Registrado reports, but he always managed to reenter Room 404 to continue his search.

Realizing the dog would never stop trying to find the man, employees eventually adopted the dog, nicknaming him "Pirata" or "Pirate" for the black spots around his eyes.

Pirata may never see his owner again, but thanks to caring patients and staff, he'll at least be warm and well-fed during his endless search for his master. (Source)


Responses to "Dog Searches Hospital Every Day For Owner Who's Never Coming Home​ "

  1. in dog we trust

  2. Unknown says:

    This is so sad but what a Loyal Dog this story reminds me of Hachiko's Story

  3. Unknown says:

    Great dog...someone needs to give him a good home full of love.

  4. I hope this good dog finds peace and a loving family.

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