A young wild fawn who was left alone after his mother was hit by a car has made his home on a man's west Michigan farm and the pair have since formed a unique friendship.

 Nicholas Jacobs, who is jokingly referred to as 'Bear, The Deer Whisperer', and his family have been caring for the orphan white-tailed deer Bucky for about seven months, according to Fox 17.

Jacobs said the Department of Natural Resources told him to leave the deer alone with the hopes of it returning to the wild, however Bucky never left and has since made his home in the woods behind their farm.

'A lot of my friends and family call me Bear, or like a big care bear because I got a big heart for animals,' Jacobs told Fox 17. 'Mostly dogs, but I never thought I'd fall in love with a deer.'

On Facebook, Bucky, who is considered part of the family, is seen in a number of selfies with Jacobs as the adorable fawn gives him kisses and is also seen playing with the children in the family.

Bucky even comes running to give Jacobs a kiss every time he whistles, according to Fox 17.

For now, Bucky remains living on their farm as he roams free, and the family's friends are enjoying his company too as they stop by the farm just to pet or take a selfie with the deer.

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    Animals know when someone has a good heart

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    Great guy!

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