Kenai the pup was on a walk with his owner Kerrie and her friend Pam when he suddenly began barking. Kerrie and Pan went to see was Kenai was barking at, and found an injured bald eagle, which hopped down near the water.

As they approached the bird, he continued to hop down the shoreline. Because it was getting dark, the friends decided to head home and return the next day.

They were able to track the eagle’s movement by its footprints in the snow and contacted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for help in rescuing the bird. Two women from the DNR arrived on scene and the four worked together to capture the injured eagle.

When they finally caught him, he was chilled and his feathers were frozen, so Kerrie and Pam took the bird to Wildwoods, a wildlife rehabilitation organization in Duluth, where he was given pain medication and fluids and had his feathers thawed.

‘Our exam showed a shoulder injury, which we thought was likely fixable,’ Wildwoods said on its Facebook page. ‘And of course, like most eagles we get this time of year (during and after deer hunting season), we strongly suspected lead poisoning.’

Pam and Kerrie then took the eagle to the Raptor Center in St Paul.

‘Their exam showed lead poisoning (yes, again!), as well as a soft tissue injury of the left shoulder. The Raptor Center thinks his chances are fair, and we hope for his eventual recovery,’ Wildwoods said in the Facebook post.

Wildwoods thanked Pam, Kerrie and Kerrie’s pooch Kenai for help in saving the eagle.

‘Kerrie and Pam especially credit Kenai and her sharp eyes for spotting this bird so that he could be rescued! Good dog, Kenai!’ the center said.

Responses to "Dog Saves Injured Bald Eagle Stranded In The Snow"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dogs are so smart and caring natured. Thank you to the people who saved this beautiful bird and nurse it to health, and the woman who was kind enough to get him rescued.

  2. Unknown says:

    That's one smart dog there.Quite normal once you consider the breed.

  3. assissi3 says:

    You eagle rescuers are unbelievable and I regard you so highly. Thank you for saving him.

  4. Unknown says:

    So what was the outcome?

  5. Anonymous says:

    wonderful to see and a big thank you to all who helped you are heroes Val in Perth Western Australia

  6. angels don't have wings, they have 4 legs and fur.

  7. Love the story

  8. neache says:

    Amazing dog, amazing rescue many thanks to all that saved this National symbol of this Country, all respect to all of you Thanks, the poisons should be outlawed for the injury and death they cause to our wildlife, all lives are special, Many thanks bless you all. Neache

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