These touching photos reveal the true bond between a mother bear and its baby as it gets a playful piggyback. The mother even kneels down for the six-month-old cub, which tries to hitch a ride by jumping up as she walks away but is unsuccessful.

American photographer David Silverman, 53, captured the amazing photos, revealing what life is like for bears in the wild.

Hallo Bay is a sandy bay located beneath the peaks of the Aleutian Range within Katmai National Park. The bay is famous for its bear viewing, since large numbers of grizzly bears are attracted to feast on the rich sedges along the tidal flats of the bay. Sometimes they are also observed digging up clams in the mud, and fishing for salmon peaks in July.

The food in the bay is so abundant that at times as many as five to six large bears can be seen at one time feeding on sedges, salmon or clams. The bears are usually timid around humans but have learned to trust them over the years due to decades of no hunting and the gentle nature of visitors.

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