He was far from home, but his rescuers weren't going to give up until they returned him to his family.

Last March, the Chintimini Wildlife Center in Corvallis, Oregon, received a call about a baby great horned owl who had fallen out of his nest. A family had found the owlet on the ground and realized he was far too young and vulnerable to be left on his own.

Volunteers at the center took care of the baby owl, feeding him while wearing masks and gloves to prevent the owl from imprinting on them. Once the baby owl was back at 100 percent, the next phase of the center's quest to get him home was finding exactly where his home was.

A six-hour search revealed that the baby owl had fallen from a nest in a 70-foot-tall tree.

However, some special arrangements were made and the baby owl finally was returned to his family for one happy reunion.

In the rescue video, his older sister appears ecstatic to see him by the way she lifts her wings, as if welcoming him back into the folds of their nest. According to the video, their parents watched the reunion from above.

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