This is the hilarious moment a pack of huskies spin in a circle around their bowl while eating dinner.The animals were filmed by their owner, who is believed to live in Wisconsin, obediently waiting to be told when they could run towards their food and eat.

The video maker films the anxious dogs wagging their tails in anticipation of dinner while standing alongside each other in the snow.

Suddenly the woman gives the go ahead for the animals to pounce and they waste no time doing exactly that.

Running to the bowl, they each take up a position and start munching.But almost instantly they begin turning to their right and before long are almost running in a circle around the bowl.

It appears that each dog is worried the one next to them is eating from a better position. And with the momentum of one moving to the right to nab the spot of their next door neighbor, the rest are forced to spin around in a circle to do the same.

The dogs can be heard howling in excitement before eventually they begin slowing down and come to a brief stop.They then run the other way for a short while before they clean the bowl of its contents and look around at the video maker.


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