Meet Alfie, the most adorable fox cub you’ll see all day. While he’s now having a blast now with his new stuffed pals, life wasn’t always so fun.

Alfie was found under a stationary bus, without his mother. When he was found, he was immediately taken to the vet. Then, a member of the National Fox Welfare Society, Carolyn, picked him up from the veterinarian, and he’s now in her care.

Well-fed and nourished as he is, Alfie can now spend time with his new friend, the stuffed bunny. Looks like they’re great friends! Finally, Alfie has someone to share all of his deepest thoughts with.

Even though Alfie may no longer have his family, he’s creating a new one with his stuffed buddies! We’re totally down to be your friend, too, Alfie! Orphaned animals are typically given stuffed animals to help them adapt to life without their mothers.

Having something soft and snuggly is a great source of comfort. We hope that in time, Alfie will grow strong enough to be released back into the wild, but for now he’s in the able hands of his caretakers and stuffies!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    He is so cute. He will grow and be beautiful.

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