A highway in Australia was brought to a halt by a jay-walking koala.

And it took the long arm of the law to eventually persuade the adorable marsupial to return to the comfort of a tree.

The footage shows the koala calmly strolling down Brisbane Valley Highway, with traffic stopped in both directions, before a policeman shows up to try and escort it off the road. The minute-long footage posted by couple Mike and Lee-Anne Phipps on Facebook has gone viral – the video has been viewed more than two million times – with further pictures showing the koala climbing to safety in a tree.

Although the koala looked a little unhappy about being moved along judging by its face.

Koalas are best known for spending most of their day curled up in a tree, so motorists were understandably happy to stop and watch the cuddly creature hop along the road.

It probably took some convincing, but at last, the koala was coaxed up into the perfect tree, safe from harm's way, though reportedly she wasn't too pleased about the entire affair.


Posted by Mike Phipps on Friday, March 25, 2016

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