Photographer Alexandra Bochkareva, a self proclaimed “ginger,” shoots most of her style portraits with red-haired, freckled models to celebrate their beauty.

 Bochkareva told The Huffington Post that she finds the freckled models’ faces to be “very impressive,” and adds that her grandmother, mother and sisters are all freckled.

Picking up photography in 2012 after the birth of her child, Bochkareva photographed friends and family members who live in and around Saint Petersburg, Russia, building quite an impressive portfolio of stylized portraits based on models of the red-haired persuasion.

"I adore working with redheaded and freckled models. So, it was a double pleasure for me – to work with two so cute redheads!" told Alexandra Bochkareva.

"It took me about two hours to shoot this and many hours to choose the bests, because they are adorable together, Polina and Alice. Also, this set of photographs I shoot with manual lens – helios 77m-4, it was somehow difficult, but I love the result!" added Alexandra Bochkareva in an interview.

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  1. Amazing photos, I wonder if she sells prints?

  2. Love the fairy-tale feel of the images in this unlikely paring of two creatures. Thanks!

  3. Unknown says:

    Beautiful. Magic.

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