Wolf Park provides the most organized Easter Egg Hunt we have ever seen. They play a lot of fun games and of course seeing the wolves find their goodies is a treat in it self.

 In the spring the wolf devotes it time to digging or remodeling an existing den (both male and female wolves take part in making the den). The den is only used for birthing and rearing the young, all wolves sleep outside all year long.

The den is usually on an elevated area, on a hill, or high on a river bank, also important is proximity to water. The den is usually oval shaped, the opening is about 3 feet wide by 2 feet high, the den is about 10 to 15 feet deep ending in a 4 foot chamber.

Birthing: The wolf's gestation period is sixty-three days. She will hunt with the pact up to the birth. At this time the den become the focal point for the pack.

A week or two before the birth, she will stop hunting and spend her time in or around the den. Around twenty-four hours before she will remain in the den.

Photos via Wolf Park

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