Two deer got themselves into a spot of bother when they became trapped in a large mound of mud. Bill Davis spied the stuck creatures on a plot of land he and his colleagues were working on and used an excavator to rescue the pair.

An alarm activation alerted the team to an intrusion but they were stunned to realize the intrepid explorers were in fact deer. Footage filmed by Davis, and uploaded to Facebook, shows the heroic rescue.

Initially the mud-covered deer can hardly be seen in the vast expanse of earth. 'Try to pick her up, Rod,' Davis can be heard saying.

Slowly but surely the large yellow machine trundles forward, beeping, and the bucket extends towards the animal.

The deer begins twitching as the jagged edges move towards her, but ever so gently the bucket digs into the mud beneath and scoops her up. 'Pick her up, pick her up!' cries Davis. The machine swoops round until the bucket is above hard ground. 'Just set it down and let her walk out,' Davis instructs.

'Come on baby, come out,' he wheedles as a large mound of mud pours out. The quivering animal remains put until the digger has moved away and then jumps up. 'There you go!' cried Davis happily, 'Run baby run!' Further cheers can be heard in the background.


Found a couple yearling black tail deer stuck in some mud! Couldn't watch them struggle!
Posted by Bill Davis on Saturday, March 26, 2016

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    That was one amazing resque.. Great work!.. :)

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