When they're not in the line of duty protecting the men and women of their community, these two kindhearted cops in Texas take time out to be of service to lonely pets as well.

Every Thursday, officers Amy Thomas and Ashley Uribe of the Austin Police Department spend their lunch breaks walking shelter dogs — a sweet tradition that's as uplifting for them as it is for the animals they spend time with.

As self-described animal lovers, both of whom have rescued dogs from the shelter to join their families, volunteering there to help other pets just felt like a perfect fit.

"They're in a cage 24 hours a day," said Thomas. "If they don't get out, they're just stuck there. The dogs might be a little shy at first, but the more positive human interaction they have, the better their chances of getting adopted."

More than just giving the dogs socialization and the chance to leave their kennels and walk around for a while, the officers say the time they spend walking them raises their spirits, too. The officers say they hope that as more people learn about the routine they've come to love, others will be encouraged to donate their time in service of shelter animals as well.

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    Love this story about police taking time out from their lunch to walk shelter dogs.God bless them

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