This mischievous little fox couldn’t resist sneakily biting his sibling’s tail as they played together in the sun.

The adorable images show the young cubs teasing each other as they roll around in the grass and chase after one another as they enjoyed the bright weather in Bakersfield, California.

The pictures of the San Joaquin kit foxes were captured by physician and photographer Peter Pieslor after he spent hours observing the fox family.

The 66-year-old from Thousand Oaks, California, said: ‘This family consisted of a mother, father, and their litter of six adorable fox pups.

‘In these photos, the pups were around one to two months old and were social and mischievous. ‘These little foxes were chasing each other to ultimately snip at the tails of one another.

‘I did wonder if this activity was related to a pecking order that was being established or whether it was practice to bring down prey, although, at their young age, this cheeky behavior would have been purely playful.’

The kit fox is a fox species of North America and can be found in the states of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico as well as western Texas and south-eastern California. Watching the cubs from just 30 feet away, Mr Pieslor was able to capture the photographs of them as they happily played together.

He added: ‘The cubs came out in the early afternoon for about an hour and a half, and then they returned to the den for several hours before playing again for around two hours.‘The behavior of the fox pups reminded me a lot of the types of things that you see from young children in a park - we aren't that different after all.’

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