“The family is the oldest and most important institution in society and is at the heart of the Native American and indigenous cultures.” “There is no other work more important than fatherhood.”

 Another important part of fatherhood in traditional teachings is being a good role model for children. Being a role model can very challenging for Aboriginal(Indigenous/Native) men who grew up without the presence of strong, caring fathers and grandfathers in their lives.

‘It’s about being strong, being responsible and being recognised as proud fathers and men in your community.

A father is a man who takes responsibility for the children in his life. Many men grow up without a positive, healthy role model of fatherhood. It is often when men are holding their baby for the first time that they take a good hard look at what it means to raise a child.

Remember that being a father is a life-long commitment: Your role as a father starts before pregnancy and continues throughout your child’s entire life. As your child grows, your relationship will grow and change. Children need to know that you will always be there and will always love them.

Maori Child With Father

Native South African father embracing his young child. Zulu warriors

 "I have the future in my hands."
Aztec (Mexica) Father

 Indigenous Child and his father

 As an eagle prepares its young to leave the nest with all the skills and knowledge it needs to participate in life, in the same manner so will I guide my children. I will use the culture to prepare them for life.
-A Fathers Job

 In the baby lies the future of the world. Mother must hold the baby close so that the baby knows it is his
world but the father must take him to the highest hill so that he can see what his world is like.
- Native Proverb

 Xingu father and child

 Aboriginal father and child - Australia

 Father and Son - The chichimeca tribe

Father and Child - Kuikuro Indigenous people from Amazon Rainforest

 Father & son - Rainforest

Mexica dancer blessing the child

Native Alaskan Inupiat father and infant daughter: Photo Credit Clark Mishler

 Father and son resting between dances at the Soboba Powwow Credit: Jim Pankey

Photo by Patti Jo South Dakota

Proud Father- Native Pride - Photo Credit Mye Taliman

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