Two raccoons were captured using Mission Impossible-style tactics to help their baby over a wall in an adorable video.

In the footage, shared on Imgur, one of the mammals is seen standing at the top holding the feet of the mother - who dangles down towards the infant. The baby then attempts to grabs hold of her outstretched paws in order to scramble up the wall.

However the first attempt is not successful as the baby cannot hang on, and falls back down to the ground. Undeterred, the family put their plan into action once more.

The baby scrambles up the wall and the mother grabs it by the paws before taking the scruff of its neck in her mouth.

Then the mother raccoon uses it's front paws to push herself back up the wall, with the baby still hanging from her mouth.

Finally the baby raccoon scrambles onto sure footing on the wall, and the threesome walk off into the night.

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