Pooch realises swimming pool is shallow enough for her to walk on her hind legs rather than swim

Cody the Labrador was swimming laboriously through the pool when he realized something. He didn't have to swim at all. He could just stand and walk

We all know that pooches like a paddle every now and again, but here's one lap dog that's not living up to the name.

Instead of doing the doggy paddle, this clever canine has realised she can stand up in the pool and spends her time walking around on her hind legs instead.

Did You Know? Labrador retrievers were bred to be the perfect water dogs: They have water-resistant double coats that provide insulation, and their short fur keeps them warm but doesn’t drag them down when it gets wet. Their webbed toes facilitate speedy swimming. Fishermen used the dogs to bring in nets, pull ropes between boats, and recover escaped fish.

According to the American Kennel Club, the breed has taken the top spot in its rankings of most popular breeds for 24 consecutive years—the longest reign of any breed in AKC history.

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