No dog’s hearts were actually broken in the making of this video, we promise. Bella, the German Shepherd, got to keep swimming in the end, after the delivery of a pretty epic performance.

 Of course, it’s perhaps unwise to reward tantrums of this kind, but … Bella really did make a compelling argument.

She employs pathos, letting everyone know just how much swimming means to her, and how sad she would be to have to stop so soon.

She also employs logos, pointing out that the water is especially lovely that day, and that the weather is truly perfect for a swim.

It really would be a shame to stop swimming given such a perfect day. And finally, she employs ethos to cement her argument. She reminds her mama that she’s a good dog, and because of this she deserves some more time for swimming.

We can’t help but to agree Bella, well put! It also helps that besides this airtight argument, Bella’s delivery was incredibly adorable.


Responses to "German Shephard Throws an Epic Fit When She’s Told That Swimming Time Is Over"

  1. Bad training technique #1: keep giving commands without enforcing them...but funny anyway.

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