Now here’s a dog that knows how to relax and cool off on a hot summer’s day! Come on! Tell us that you haven’t thought about an ice bath at least once during the summer months. We know we’d be all for it!

You know that feeling when it's searing hot outside and all you want to do is stick your head in the freezer?

Well imagine you're a furry Siberian Husky dog in scorching hot Thailand ... that's a rough combination. So how does a dog with a heavy coat survive the toasty weather? Ice baths.

This footage of a husky basking in a tub of ice is capturing hearts across the internet. In the video, the adorable pup is curled up in a tub placed right below an ice machine.

The Siberian Husky was originally bred by the Chukchi people to pull sleds long distances in sub-zero temperatures, and the breed is still famous as sled-dogs today. The Siberian Husky has a dense double-coat and can withstand very cold temperatures. However, his thick coat also makes him vulnerable to overheating in hot weather. Husky owners should take precautions during the summer, particularly in warmer climates, to ensure that their husky is comfortable and safe.


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