For a puppy, sometimes the simplest of tasks can be a challenge.

But one tiny German Shepherd puppy was determined to prove himself to his owners, by retrieving the morning newspaper all by himself.

A video has emerged of the adorable puppy in Florida doing his best to carry out his new chore by picking up the SunSentinel from the end of the driveway.

But his little mouth was too small to properly grasp the big paper and at first, he struggled to pick it up for more than a few seconds. Once he was confident with his grasp, he started to run up the driveway pleased with his efforts... however it wasn't long until he lost his grip once again.

Tail-wagging, the determined pup picked it back up again and strutted his way up the driveway towards his waiting owners inside. Once he successfully made it to the door, the impatient puppy whimpered and scratched at the door with the newspaper grasped firmly in his jaws.

He sat and waited proudly before he was invited inside with the other dogs.


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