This dog’s owner documented the pup’s desperate efforts to save the last patch of snow

 While most of us were happy to greet the warmer weather, this dog just couldn’t let the winter go. The black lab was so clingy to the last patch of snow in his backyard, that he desperately tried to save it by lying on it every day until it was gone for good.

The dog’s owner (who goes by the name justakiwi on Imgur) documented the pup’s vain attempts to hold onto the remains of colder days. While the series looks amusing for us, humans, we sure hope that the pooch will find something to enjoy about the summer, too!

"Many animals from temperate areas seem to really enjoy frolicking in the snow. I think it relates to the sensory qualities of snow and the bracing effects of cold weather. I think when watching dogs, for example, in snow we are not too far off in comparing their activity to that which we experienced as young children ourselves." Gordon Burghardt, Animal Behaviorist, said.

"While on snow: research found that dogs have exceptionally good venous anatomy in their paws, which leads them to do better in the snow than we might think (i.e. more blood flow, warmer toesies). This to those owners who boot their dogs not to save them from salt or ice-between-pads, but because they put boots on themselves."

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