A dog whose life was hanging by a thread - or rather a leash - was saved by two police officers who saw the pooch dangling from a truck window.

 The officers responded to a Walmart in Arkansas City, Kansas on a shoplifting call and had just secured the suspect in the backseat of their patrol car when an employee told them there was a dog hanging by his leash outside of the window of a red vehicle in the parking lot.

The officers, Sergeant Jason Legleiter and Police Officer Wade Hammond, immediately approached and, seeing the little black and tan dog unresponsive, thought he might be dead.

But Sergeant Legleiter quickly cut the dog down with his department-issued knife, said the department on its Facebook wall.

As the near-dead pup lay on the pavement, Officer Hammond tried to revive him by removing his tight collar and 'applying pressure intermittently to the dog’s side.'

Within several minutes, the dog began showing more and more signs of life until eventually he was standing and panting as the officers gave him water.

By the end of the frightening incident, the dog seemed to have totally recovered.

At first glance, the incident appears to be an accident, with the owner having tied the dog inside the car to prevent his escape from an open window, but the crafty puppy jumped out, hanging himself on the too-short leash.

Responses to "Police officers save dog hanging by his leash outside of car window (Rescue Photos)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you officers for saving this darling angel. I pray the owner got a good lifted finger word on the way along a fine for neglegence

  2. Tanja says:

    Oh my Goddd!!!!! How tragic!!!! And what a lucky dog!!!! :'(

  3. Terri says:

    I hope the owner did NOT get the dog back!

  4. Unknown says:

    Animal Guardian angel police officers. Thank u officers and God bless and watch over u

  5. Unknown says:

    That's why I never leave the leash on my dog if he's in the car alone. You never know what they might get entangled in.

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