After a woman spotted a frightened dog alone in the street, she knew it was in need of assistance.

 It occurred to her that he might be thirsty, so she found some water nearby and gently carried it to the dog in her hands, offering a few kind, soothing words to gain his trust.

After the dog cautiously approached her, he eagerly licked up several handfuls of water and raised his paw to her hand, almost as if to thank her for her help.

Seeing the sweet dog calmly nuzzled against the woman to show her what a difference she made will warm your heart.

t takes a second or two, but the dog does eventually approach her. The woman patiently waited for the dog to get a much needed drink, and a little bit of that kindness we all need sometimes.

The dog’s reaction to the woman’s offer of a drink of water is something that you really need to see. In today’s fast-paced world, we sometimes forget to stop and thank someone for the little kindnesses they give us in our day to day lives. This dog can serve as a reminder of how important and special that thank you can be. And you never know, that thank you may be just as important to that person that helped you, as what they did for you was. (Source)


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