Costa Rica’s Ministry refused to help this whale, indigenous guys decided to save her

 A group of local surfers in Boca Barranca, Puntarenas, on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast, rescued a baby pilot whale that had become stuck in the mouth of a river early Wednesday morning.

Mauricio Camareno, one of the surfers who discovered the baby whale shortly after 5 a.m., said that they first noticed what appeared to be a “black lump” near the bank of a river before they heard the animal crying in distress as they approached closer.

“She was very weak and could not keep afloat,” Camareno told Amelia Rueda, who said that the whale had made its way about 50 meters up river from the sea. Camareno and his surfing companions labored to carry the heavy animal back to the mouth of the river, where they stayed with the animal for more than six hours as it regained its strength.

Camareno said that during that time, several locals called the authorities from Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) and the Coast Guard, but neither agency responded to the scene.

“They told us that they had to follow a protocol to check if the whale had any disease. MINAE said they would send a [veterinarian] but during the whole time we were there no one ever arrived,” Camareno said.

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Failing to receive a response, the group of surfers waited for the tide to rise in order to guide the animal back to sea. Camareno said it took several tries, but the baby whale eventually dived and disappeared into the sea, presumably in search of its herd and mother.

When fully grown, the species typically measure between 21 and 24 feet in length, with females weighing up to 1,300 kg and males up to 2,300 kg.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Costa Rica is an amazing Country of quality environment for all living things.. This article doesn't surprise me at all...

    Thank you gentlemen!! You are an global inspiration <3

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    Thank you kind people, God bless you

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    Thank you for saving this beautiful being. You are amazing!

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    It's heartwarming to know there are kind people who care and help others, especially animals.

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    kind and responsible guys!

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    Thank you guys,! You are My HEROES!

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    thank you to these caring gentlemen

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    How wonderful are you too save this baby,

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    thank you kind gentlemen for saving this amazing baby

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    Thank you for saving this baby - you matter!

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    Your gallant efforts do not go un noticed or remembered thank you for what you did for the life of this baby was precious, God bless you for saving this magnificent life of the sea...

  12. Wonderful kindness.

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    Thank you for saving God's creations...

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    Thank God that you were there, you kind men!

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    Bless you guys, you're amazing

  16. Beautiful story. Hope the baby found it's mother

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    God bless you both. what a wonderful thing you have done.

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    Thank you so much for saving this small pilot whale. I am so grateful and full of the anticipation that they were reunited again soon after leaving you guys..

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    My heroes. You deserve a gold medal each. God bless you.

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    You are saints. You deserve a gold medal each. God bless you!

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    Thank You Gentlemen, with All My Heart.

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    Thankyou you for caring. This one baby will go on to give birth several other babies. You have really added to the population of whales in the world. What a wonderful act of kindness.

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    That whale shall one day come to visit both of you keep vigilant deep sea scuba dive it will find you... Bless you both ...

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    What goes around comes around. 👍❤️

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