A two-day-old foal has been brought back to life after a woman gave it mouth-to-nose resuscitation when it choked on a clump of hay and became unconscious.

 Suzanne Hall, from North West Equine Rescue Shelter in Tamworth, regional NSW, was recorded performing the desperate attempt to revive the baby horse.

After 20 minutes of breathing into the horse's nose and massaging its lungs, the female foal burst to life and jumped to her feet. Ms Hall told 9 News that she knew something was wrong when she woke up at 5am on Thursday morning, immediately rushing down to the stable.

'I stroked her and I got no response, and then I lifted her head and I got no response whatsoever,' Ms Hall said.

'I panicked first and then did the only thing I could do, and that was start to breath into her (nostrils).'

When the foal started breathing again, Ms Hall was overcome with emotion.

The foal, now known as Esmeralda Sparkles around the stables, is just one of many struggling animals nursed back to life by Ms Hall at her animal shelter.


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