The battle took place in Kurile Lake Park, Kamchatka, an area known for being a salmon breeding site. Photographer Giuseppe D'Amico snapped the pair and said that they fought for three to four minutes.

Stunning photographs captured two huge bears laying into each other at a Russian lake known for being a salmon breeding site.

This incredible clash of the titans in Kurile Lake Park, Kamchatka, was watched by 57-year-old Giuseppe D'Amico - whose box office seats were worth travelling for.

Giuseppe said: 'I went to this remote and very isolated region to photograph the bears, there are a lot of animals in those places because they are rich in salmon.

'The two bears were at the mouth of a river that flows into the Kurile Lake fishing when suddenly began to struggle.

'They fought for about three to four minutes, between the lake and the low river. They stopped fighting suddenly and turned away without further activity.'

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