The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has announced a hunting and trapping ban on wolves and coyotes across 40 townships, effective immediately.

 Said to be a step towards protecting Ontario wolves, specifically the recently re-named Algonquin wolf, hunters and trappers will be banned from hunting or trapping wolves and coyotes in three additional districts:

The area of Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, which includes the geographic townships of: Anstruther, Burleigh, Cardiff, Cavendish, Chandos, Harvey, and Monmouth; The area of Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park, which includes the geographic townships of: Anson, Dalton, Digby, Longford, Lutterworth, Minden, and Ryde; The area of Killarney Provincial Park, which includes the geographic townships of: Allen, Attlee, Bevin, Burwash, Caen, Carlyle, Cox, Curtin, Dieppe, Eden, Foster, Goschen, Halifax, Hansen, Humboldt, Killarney, Kilpatrick, Laura, Roosevelt, Sale, Secord, Servos, Struthers, Tilton, Truman, and Waldie.

A spokesperson for the provincial government stated that because wolves and coyotes are difficult to distinguish from each other, the restriction on hunting and trapping must apply to both species. The ruling was made following a 31-day comment period held over this summer. Over 4,000 comments were received, most of them against the restrictions as laid out by the provincial government — many because of the increased threat to livestock and other prey of the wolf and coyote.

Farmers and ranchers, especially those with sheep and cattle, have expressed disapproval of coyotes being included in the ban, and would prefer education and training of hunters and trappers to distinguish between the species. Predation of livestock by wolves does occur, however, coyote kills are exponentially higher.

Responses to "Ontario Bans Wolf and Coyote Trapping & Hunting in 40 Municipalities"

  1. Lara Rae says:

    I think this is great. Wolves and coyotes only kill old and sickly animals, they do not kill for fun like humans. Maybe the farmers with livestock who oppose this should vet their animals more often.

  2. Unknown says:

    I also think this is great!!!I am a farmer myself and I have never lost an animal to a wolf or coyote. But then again I look after my animals.

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