The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has announced a hunting and trapping ban on wolves and coyotes across 40 townships, effective immediately.

 Said to be a step towards protecting Ontario wolves, specifically the recently re-named Algonquin wolf, hunters and trappers will be banned from hunting or trapping wolves and coyotes in three additional districts:

The area of Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, which includes the geographic townships of: Anstruther, Burleigh, Cardiff, Cavendish, Chandos, Harvey, and Monmouth; The area of Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park, which includes the geographic townships of: Anson, Dalton, Digby, Longford, Lutterworth, Minden, and Ryde; The area of Killarney Provincial Park, which includes the geographic townships of: Allen, Attlee, Bevin, Burwash, Caen, Carlyle, Cox, Curtin, Dieppe, Eden, Foster, Goschen, Halifax, Hansen, Humboldt, Killarney, Kilpatrick, Laura, Roosevelt, Sale, Secord, Servos, Struthers, Tilton, Truman, and Waldie.

A spokesperson for the provincial government stated that because wolves and coyotes are difficult to distinguish from each other, the restriction on hunting and trapping must apply to both species. The ruling was made following a 31-day comment period held over this summer. Over 4,000 comments were received, most of them against the restrictions as laid out by the provincial government — many because of the increased threat to livestock and other prey of the wolf and coyote.

Farmers and ranchers, especially those with sheep and cattle, have expressed disapproval of coyotes being included in the ban, and would prefer education and training of hunters and trappers to distinguish between the species. Predation of livestock by wolves does occur, however, coyote kills are exponentially higher.

Responses to "Ontario Bans Wolf and Coyote Trapping & Hunting in 40 Municipalities"

  1. Lara says:

    I think this is great. Wolves and coyotes only kill old and sickly animals, they do not kill for fun like humans. Maybe the farmers with livestock who oppose this should vet their animals more often.

  2. I also think this is great!!!I am a farmer myself and I have never lost an animal to a wolf or coyote. But then again I look after my animals.

  3. Anonymous says:

    On private land I have never heard tell of a coyote killing a cow. Yes the rancher will say it happened and when the insurance shows up, no way. So that tells me they blame what they can to get money and it gives them an excuse to go out and shoot something. Canada is no different than the US when it comes to guns. I agree with previous posting, look after your animals and it won't happen. If you want to lease provincial land for cheap, then you pay the price that a cougar, wolf or a group of coyotes with get a few of your livestock.

  4. gail says:

    Great news and as it should be!!
    Ranchers who practice good husbandry and confinement of their livestock rarely suffer casualties. Thanks to the few who have commented here. They would garner considerably more public support if they did their due diligence instead of blaming wildlife for all of their losses. I just read of a rancher who tosses the placentas after his cattle give birth and a few coyotes come in to clean it up - then they leave and the livestock are left alone. Ranchers, PLEASE move on from your irrational fear and hatred of these species.


  6. Unknown says:

    Of course its the POS ranchers complaining about livestock the fact that the meat and dairy industry is the second leading cause to green house gas and the fact that both hunters and ranchers banded together to stop Bill C-246 a bill to finally protect animals in Canada a bill to update the almost unchanged legislation of 1892. They could invest in non lethal means to protect their livestock but of course they would rather just eradicate species instead like the closed minded neanderthals they are!

  7. ernie says:

    should be the entire province. Trapping and hunting our wildlife to extinction is not good for the rest of the environment and it is also morally reprehensible.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Greed rules eh.. that ALmighty dollar...shame on those greedy-guts for complaining

  9. Anonymous says:

    So many uninformed wolf and coyote hugging fanatics. You people are absolutely ludicrous.

  10. Unknown says:

    If you don’t know that wolves kill indiscriminately, many times without consuming the animal then your understanding of the species is severely lacking. Evidence of this can be easily found by anyone with internet access. These animals are not anything like your furry cute little poodle.
    The absolutely kill for fun.

  11. A step in the right direction...but much more needs to be done. Trapping is barbaric and indiscriminate. Its the farming that needs to be better'controlled', and farmers need to invest in protecting their livestock with non-lethal measures and stop using our predators for target practice. I'm all for supporting local farmers and ranchers, but not at the cost of our wildlife.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am here in Alberta and Dogs are getting stuck in snares, all over Alberta with around 3,000 trappers for profit. I have met Farmers, Ranchers that co-exist with Wildlife and have proper fences, guardian Dogs ect.For the Farmers, Ranchers who say,Hunters should learn the difference between wolves and coyotes, for better protection on your investment. Perhaps you should be doing the educating on fixing up, learning new ways, as many have been doing for years now. Fantastic. This is LEADERSHIP!

  13. This is aweful !!!!!!! Wolves and coyotes need to be controlled !!!! Not controlled to extinction, just controlled into balance ! For whoever said coyotes and wolves hunt only the sick and elderly is way to far wrong ! The kill what they can ! And not just for food ! They kill for fun ! It's in there instinct to kill ! It's what they do ! Trapping and hunting contribute to all animals! Not just by killing the predators, their funds go right into wildlife research, habitat, etc. When there becomes to many wolves and coyotes Diseases start to spread! Trapping and hunting is not inhumane and that's why there's regulations on traps and rifles. To keep it humane ! Hunters and trappers have the best intrest for all the animals ! Even the coyotes and wolves ! And that's why there needs to hunting and trapping! Because without it everything ! (Wildlife,cattle and humans) will suffer !

  14. Unknown says:

    I hope this is a first step toward modern humane wildlife management in Ontario!!!! The present situation does not reflect the values of the majority in this province.

  15. Unknown says:

    Too bad this is not happening all over Canada. The marshes consume quite a few calves and cows in this area but it's easier to shoot and kill predators species.
    If you want to farm sustaining the planet and wilderness guardian dogs and guardian bashkir curly horses are the investment.

  16. Chris Wolftracker says:

    Lara Rae says:

    I think this is great. Wolves and coyotes only kill old and sickly animals, they do not kill for fun like humans. Maybe the farmers with livestock who oppose this should vet their animals more often.

    Couldn't be more wrong there, Lara. Wolves and coyotes do NOT kill only the old and sickly. One ready example is the introduction of Canis Lupus Occidentalis into Yellowstone, where C.L. Irremotus was native previously. Not only did the wolves wipe out over 80% of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd and 90% of the moose, all healthy animals, by the way, it was found that roughly HALF were "Sport" or Surplus" killings, where the meat was left to rot. This "only kills the sick and the weak is a myth that just keeps getting repeated ad nauseum. They also harass pregnant cows in the winter, causing them to abort or re-absorb their fetus, and putting more stress on them. As for Coyotes, they're vermin. On one of the ranches I caretake, they wait in the bushes for the Black Angus cows to start giving birth, then attack the fetus before it hits the ground. I shoot every coyote I see, and always will.

  17. Unknown says:

    i hope all you who think this is great are farmers ranchers and hunters and we'll see just how long it takes to change your tune!!!! IT WILL HAPPEN and if not you are all liars and fools and probably tree huggers anyway--time will tell and i for one can't wait FACTS ARE FACTS take off your blinders and check out reality

  18. Unknown says:

    Sorry tree hugger and wolf/coyote bleeding hearts - coyotes do kill for the sake of killing(not out of hunger). Back in the early 60's, and living on a small farm that depended on every last dollars to scrape by, we lost 21 prime lambs(about 40 lbs. each) to a coyote pack in one day. Even the bells on the ewes did not deter the attack and slaughter. It must have been terrible for the lamb to have their throats ripped open and bleeding to death one by one.

  19. Anonymous says:

    sigh............ so much ignorance.

  20. Snowflakes in Toronto pushing their agenda on the rest of the province.
    The coyote population is out of control and causing stress on the deer herd.
    I know I will be in the bush this winter doing my part in coyote population control.

  21. The city folk will never understand anything but city life if u expect to know something live it! Pencil pushers only try to make a statement for themselves they think they know but have no clue once they have destroyed and over populated where i livemark my words they will end up in your citys preying on cats dogs possibly children if they are hungry enough

  22. I own a sheep farm and my mother owns a farm with goats. You city people think they only kill sick and old animals. You are STUPID. Any meal they can get. Young farm animals are the most in danger, the ones they can carry off. Educate your self and stop voting for Trudeau

  23. Lara says:

    This is absolutely wonderful. This should be across Canada

  24. Unknown says:

    About time! It is 2022. Too late for many wolves/coyotes. Too late to still educate the killers/trappers? Perhaps.

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