Owl siblings caught on camera in two completely different moods near the river Po, in northern Italy. While one owl seems cheerful enough, the second is not quite as much of a morning person

These owl brothers are the embodiment of what it means to be - and not to be - a morning person.

The two siblings were caught on camera near the river Po, north Italy, as they set off their day - one of them much less excited about the prospect of exploring the world than the other.

While one seems rearing to go and adorably curious once spotting that they are being observed, the other is noticeably more suspicious and hostile.

The duo were captured on camera by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, 40, who had observed the two for a while and noticed their difference in moods, proceeding to snap the amusing photographs.

He said: 'These were very young owls of maybe three months. The small owls are curious animals and their expressions are just so funny.'

What a hoot: The fluffy brothers were spotred in the floodplain of the Po river in northern Italy

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