A wildebeest has shown the power of friendship after resurrecting his dying friend from the side of the road.

 In a video, filmed by Bradley Ballantyne in South Africa, the Wildebeest is seen repeatedly trying to lift his friend up from the side of the road near Olifants Street in Martloth Park, just outside the Kruger National Park.

At first, sadly, it seems that the animal doesn't realise that the other beast is already dead while trying to get it to stand up using his horns.

The wildebeest even manages to flip him over at one point in a desperate attempt to revive his friend.

Amazingly, after a few minutes of trying, the animal successfully resurrects his friend and the two gallop off together.

Bradley, who spoke to about the video, said: 'On my way home from having lunch at one of the local 'Watergats' (waterholes), I turned the corner and noticed a wildebeest displaying unusual behavior, goring away at something on the ground.

'I kept recording, and to my amazement the "dead" animal got to its feet and they both ran away. The animals bolted past my car, I drove after them for a few seconds but they ran into thick bush and was unable to follow them.'

Bradley continued: 'I have been visiting Marloth Park for 30 years, seen lions and elephants in the park and many interesting animal behaviors but nothing like this.


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