U.S. military veterans have a new mission, and a new destination—Flint, MI, where the crisis over the city’s contaminated water is still raging.

“We don’t know when we are going to be there but we will be heading to Flint,” Wes Clark Jr., who helped organize the thousands of veterans who flooded into Standing Rock in recent days, told MLive.com. “This problem is all over the county. It’s got to be more than veterans. People have been treated wrong in this county for a long time.”

“I am going because my veteran brothers and sisters called out and asked for the veterans to come and help support the native Indians for their land,” Arthur Woodson, who served in the Army for seven years, explained before leaving for North Dakota. “It’s the same thing with Flint. The people need to start standing up together in unity instead of worrying about what color they are and what (political) party they are. We are driving 17 hours to stand in unity.”

“Water is life; we cannot survive without it. Whether it’s the threat to essential water sources in this region, lead contamination in Flint, Michigan, the potential threat posed to our water by the Red Hill fuel storage facility on Oʻahu, or the many other threats to our water across our nation, we must act now to protect our precious water for current and future generations to come.

While media attention given to Flint’s ongoing water crisis has waned over time, the city is still far from recovering from the catastrophic lead contamination which has resulted in millions of dollars in damages, and countless illnesses.

“I think there is certainly relief because of the threat (posed by the Dakota Access pipeline),” Biber told the Freep. “But no one’s naive. We know it’s not over. And it doesn’t mean that no water is under threat … Particularly, we can realize that here in Michigan, our water is under threat.”

It is currently unclear when, and how, the veterans organized by Clark will make the trip to Flint.

Responses to "The US Veterans Are Taking Their Fight To Flint Water Crisis"

  1. jkarma says:

    I am wondering just how many places are having problems with their water. I wonder about Nestles and other such corporations that are taking water away and making amazing profits from all the little plastic containers filled with water that they take from communities almost for free. I am wondering if others see water as the new oil... I wonder if they are just trying to kill us all?

  2. Unknown says:

    This is what "We the People" is about!!!!!

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