"We're still sticking it out and hoping that what they say is true and that there's no sneaky business going on." We'll stay here.

 Energy Transfer Partners, the corporation behind the $3.7 billion project, had pushed back. It blamed politics, specifically the Obama Administration, for the Army Corps statement, adding that it was in the corporation's legal right to proceed as planned.

"Some people say they are digging from the other side," says Daniel Calderon, a former Marine and retired police officer.

Calderon, 45, came here from Malibu, California. He's one of thousands of veterans who, in recent days, answered a call to defend the water protectors. They were summoned so they'd be here Monday, when an evacuation order was supposed to go into effect.

"The call to service and to help Mother Earth is a huge honor," Calderon says. And the Army Corps announcement about rerouting the pipeline doesn't change a thing.

The battle being waged is about more than oil, land and water, says a woman who asks to be identified only by her first name, Cat.

No matter what statements come out from authorities or corporate giants, no matter how much the words contradict one another, this isn't over.

"Mni Wiconi!" they yelled. "Water is Life!"

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    Thank you veterans for staying!!!

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