This billboard has been live in Times Square in New York City since Dec. 24th and will be there for the New Year's Celebration!

Indigenous Environmental Network, Honor the Earth and Sacred Stone Camp sourced up funding for this billboard in collaboration with the International Indigenous Youth Council. Divestment campaigning in the financial and trading centre of the United States and world...

Times Square in New York City became a stage for images of the water protectors.

Brilliant signs were held by the protectors with the slogans "Water is life" and "Keep the oil in the soil." After the initial introductions from the organizers, people chanted, “Get up! Get down! Keep fossil fuels in the ground!" and "Street by street, block by block, we stand with Standing Rock!"

Thousands of New Yorkers have signed up online for a local protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline — which would carry crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois and cross through Native American territory —

Water Protectors are expecting that shippers for the Dakota Access Pipeline will terminate their contracts when the pipeline remains uncompleted come January 1.

Shippers could legally terminate their contracts if the pipeline is not completed by 2017, which could “effectively result in project cancellation,” according to court papers from the pipeline company, Energy Transfer Partners, cited by The Guardian. When shippers were contacted by The Guardian, they either did not respond or provided vague answers.


Responses to "Water Is Life: Standing Rock light show illuminates Times Square in New York City"

  1. Pat says:

    It's wonderful to get the message out there!

  2. anonymous says:

    Bless you wonderful deeply connected ones and immense gratitude for awakening all who have become disconnected through not knowing who and where we are. I light a candle for you each day. With love and gratitude, Karen Harwell

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