92-year-old veteran Annabelle Weiss and her service dog Joe are simply inseparable. “He changed my life, he really did,” Weiss told Today.

 “Without him I would be at the house a lot. Now people call me and I’m never home!”

At the age of 20, Weiss enlisted in the US Marines. She served there for two years as a driver and plane engine inspector. The woman was discharged in 1946 and started working as a nurse.

Eventually, she got a thyroid cancer, but managed to win the battle against the disease. In 2013, Weiss felt like she has seen it all, but then life presented her with a furry surprise – a Golden Lab Joe. The rest is history…

Now the unstoppable duo do everything together, with Joe assisting the old lady in every step she takes. “He’s not my dog, he’s the son I never had… He’ll follow me to the end of the earth.”

oe is trained to bring Weiss items she drops, open and close doors, and brace her when she needs to get out of a chair or walk up or down stairs.

"I have rags on my dresser drawers and I tell him 'tug,' and he opens them," she said. "I tell him 'push,' and he closes them."

"He can get my phone," Weiss continued. "I tell him 'phone' and he brings me the phone. Not that I always need it. Sometimes I say it just to keep him sharp."


Responses to "Lonely 92-Year-Old Vet Refuses To Leave Home, Until She Meets This Dog"

  1. Unknown says:

    So sweet for both and gave her independence back. All good. Animals are so wonderful!

  2. Lell says:

    I can see how this has completely transformed her life but what about the dogs life, does he get walks in parks every day, what happens to him when she's not around anymore?

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