“War on Wolves Act” Senators from Midwest and Wyoming introduce bill to strip protections from endangered gray wolves

January 24, 2017 Washington, D.C. —

Senators from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming yesterday introduced the “War on Wolves Act,” a companion bill to legislation introduced last week in the House that would strip federal protections from wolves and allow trophy hunting and trapping of the species in four states.

If the legislation passes both chambers and gets signed by the president, it would hand the fate of wolves in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Wyoming over to states whose management wolf plans two federal courts ruled inadequate to securing the species at legally required population levels in absence of Endangered Species Act protections.

In Wyoming, this would allow the state to resume a hostile management program that allowed for unlimited shoot-on-sight killing of wolves across 85 percent of the state. The legislation would further strip citizens of the right to challenge these lethal programs in court. The appeals process of two federal court decisions that restored federal protections to wolves in those four states are still underway. Decisions on those cases are expected any day.

The following is a statement from Marjorie Mulhall, Senior Legislative Counsel at Earthjustice:

“A new congress has resurfaced an old vendetta against imperiled wolves. If this legislation is signed into law, wolves in Wyoming will be subjected to unregulated killing across the vast majority of the state, and even on the borders of Yellowstone National Park numerous legal loopholes will authorize widespread wolf killing.

Americans widely hailed the return of wolves to the Northern Rockies two decades ago as a triumph of the Endangered Species Act, but now this ‘War on Wolves Act’ would allow for the same unregulated killing that nearly wiped out the species in the first place.

 Politicians should not meddle in the science-based listing status of a particular species at any stage, but now is an especially bad time as these cases are still playing out in the courts. We urge those who support the protection of wolves to call their senators and representatives and tell them to vote down this lethal legislation.”

Responses to "Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming have decided to eradicate wolves"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    leave them alone you yellow belly sap sucking narrow minded short haired cry babies.why don't you start to empty out prisons lets have a sport hunt on prisoners

  2. Anonymous says:

    Leave the wolves alone! You want to hunt/kill something, go after the pedophiles that hurt our innocent children. I don't want to hear about them killing livestock. You don't know if it was wolves or possibly a big cat. LEAVE THEM ALONE!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Humans keep screwing around with the environment and usually making it worse. What would God say??? Stupid people!!

  4. Jan Bangert says:

    I am so sickened by this news! The reason the wolves attack the cattle is because they are available. So I think it should be up to the ranchers to protect their cattle from the wolves. They are paid for their losses. We need the wolves but how do we convince the people that make the laws! People worked so hard for so many years to reintroduce them back to the USA and now 4 state want to eradicate them probably in a few months! I don't know what our country is coming to but it seems they want to get rid of all wildlife and sell off all the public land. This is not why I live here. I thought this was a free country and we could enjoy our public lands, afterall we pay for them. I am so very sad, I can barely watch or read about the wolves and the horses anymore, knowing there is nothing I can do. Please just leave them alone...

  5. More people are attacked by geese than wolves every year. Ranchers are paid for lost cattle. Leave the wolves alone and they'll leave YOU alone. Cowardly, dishonorable weaklings wanting to kill them again just because they're tired of trying to save them

  6. Unknown says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    This is beyond a joke human are taken over so much of nature already ! Do people not see that this can not last without not only wolves but all other animals the planet will die. That they are killing the one thing that gives them life so by wiping them out they are killing not only them self's but their children and children's children!. Without nature there is no earth without the earth there is no us!

  8. Anonymous says:

    There is so much joke and hatred going on. And I don't get why these wolves deserve to get killed as a trophy. It's not right to have these endangered species to get eradicate. It all started out with the stupid myth of Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. Enough! These creatures are terrified of humans because of how much they're hunted down. We need more people to solve problems without murder. We need more people to realize that so much is falling apart and we got to stop this hatred and act. Killing is never the answer! Hunting is never something to be proud of. Instead we should love and safe these animals. Worse we have a man who is selfish and heartless to be president.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Do people not understand that wolves are part of keeping the overpopulation down for other animals? They are a part of the circle of life!! God put them here for a reason! It should not be mans decision to get rid if a species that God put here!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why don't you people government people go read and actually find out what the wolves are good for. And then leave them alone because they don't bother anybody else they are very scared skittish animals and they do what they're supposed to do.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This makes absolutely no sense. All animals are part of an entire ecosystem, and eradicating one only causes imbalance. This should absolutely not happen!

  12. Anonymous says:

    1) The wolves in the western states now are NOT the native Rocky Mountain/Timber wolves. They are the MacKenzie Valley Gray Wolves. A northern Canada/Alaska wolf that is 25% bigger than the native wolves and more aggressive.
    2) These wolves where illegally introduced per EPA guidelines.
    3) There were three confirmed native Timber/Rocky Mountain Wolf packs in Northern Idaho in the 1990's when these non native wolves where released. Within 6 months the new wolves killed off the last remaining native wolves forever making the Timber wolf extinct.
    3) These wolves will kill an animal and not eat any of it. One wolf will kill and eat about 24 elk a year but they kill and not eat around ten more and harrass many more to the point of exhaustion where they latter die of stress and dehydration.
    4) One of the more "fun" kills these wolves do documented by the USFW is to disable a pregnant cow elk or deer, rip the fetus out and just leave not eating any part of the animals.
    5) Wolves carry the hydatid disease. A tapeworm disease that other wildlife contract if they accidentally inhale wolf scat which is common because animals have there nose to the ground the majority of time.
    This disease was only in Alaska and Northern Canada before these wolves brought it to the lower 48. This is another way wolves are killing wildlife.
    6) Wolves commonly will eat an animal alive. Sometimes they come back to the animal over several days as the animal dies a slow horrible death.
    7) These wolves are not even the slightest endangered. Between the lower 48, Canada and Alaska there are approximately 50,000-60,000 of these wolves.
    8) Wolves also kill bears, Lynx, Beavers, occasional cougar and pretty much anything else they can get a hold of.
    9) The original ESA contract when the wolves where released in the 90's was that once wolves reached 200 in any western state the wolves could be managed by said state by any legal means to keep the population around 200. Anymore than 200 according to the biologist that studied at that time would be "detrimental to wildlife populations".

    So that is just some of the facts for you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Please do not eradicate the wolves. They help keep our eco system in balance. Please instead, strip us of some of the politicians who are doing nothing but drawing a salary.
    Leave our wolves alone.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have lost all faith in humans. This is sickening! Wolves are vital to the survival of all living things!

  15. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous above...
    1) Partially correct. The Canadian wolf was introduced after our Native wolves were wiped out by hunters in 1960. The native wolf did not have sufficient numbers to recover. FUNCTIONALLY EXTINCT due to our interferance.
    2) Incorrect. It was determined that the two species were sufficiantly similar to allow introduction.
    3) All true. What exactly is your point? Morality of natural hunting instincts is a ridiculous premise upon which to debate.
    4) Irrelevant and emotion based premise.
    5)Unconfirmed and unsubstantiated. While this disease is carried in wolves there is no evidence it crosses to other native wild species.
    6)True. Again, what is the point of your statement here? We don't have laws regulating how natural predators deal with their prey.
    7)INCORRECT! Not even close to those numbers. I'd like a citation please. (won't get it cause it just ain't so)
    8) True. See above. pointless statement.
    9)Citation required, and I believe you are taking one element of a much larger document out of context.

  16. LEAVE THE WOLVES ALONE!!!!!!!!!!! Godput human to be stewards of the earth not destroy it. If yuo want to get rid of something how about the politician who say they work for all but only listen to those with money. listen WOLVES ARE NOT THE PROBLEM AND IF WE LEAVE THEM ALONE AND QUIT MASS KILLING THEIR NATURAL PREY THEN THEY WILL LEAVE US ALONE!!! Humans are the deadliest creature on this earth I wish there were more humn concerned with keeping the balance of nature not lining their pockets and claiming braggin right about killing innocent creatures.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are far more intelligent and culturally sound than people are.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Leave them alone. They are beautiful creatures and are here for a reason. I live in Minnesota and they're are rarely and cases of wolf attacks. This just sickens me and makes me think how a human can be so cruel.

  19. Unknown says:

    This is insane. .we keep missing with the precious ecosystem. Live and let live!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wtf is wrong with you Fuck nuts leave the wolves and the pack's alone this is bull Shit

  21. Unknown says:

    cattle ranchers as well as people in rural locations should be allowed to kill nuisance animals to protect their family/pets and livestock. eradicating the entire population is as dumb as those who think that Iraq and Egypt or any other countries that have terrorist cells should be nuked. A better solution would be a DNR hunting management Program.

  22. Unknown says:

    You are the dumbass in the movie that everyone hates and you dont get it until it is too late!!! This is the 21st century.... EVOLVE! Killing is not the answer anymore!! We are losing all of our wildlife to morons like you!! Listen to our scientists , WE NEED TO STOP DESTROYING WHAT WE HAVE LEFT. YOU ARE HYPOCRITES ,

  23. Anonymous says:

    Stop destroying these beautiful creatures! The only way for nature to stay balanced is to protect all species! This new government is going to end the earth... Remember to vote on 11)06/2017, Senate seats, congressional seats and local seats are all up for election. Do your homework, do your part, the "president" is only on cog in the government machine. Let's do our part to get rid of president Scum's scum and fight back to save our planet!!! It's our responsibility to save it ������

  24. Anonymous says:

    Leave these majestic, beautiful animals alone. They deserve to be here and protected just as any human does. Some humans are the worst predator of the earth and they wonder why earth is going to crap

  25. Marti says:

    What gives you the right to exterminate these beautiful creatures? They have just as much a right to live peacefully on this planet as humans do, if not more, because they live in the balance of nature, unlike man, who I don't believe will be happy until we destroy everything on this planet!! Leave the wolves alone!! Man is the only true predator on this planet.

  26. Maryann says:

    Why is it that people always say we are trying to make things better. when in fact they are screwing everything up? Leave the poor wolves alone. They are apex predators and are necessary for keeping deer populations in check. Besides the fact that they are beautiful animals that deserve life just as much as stupid humans, and their stupid cattle.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Why are they so determined to destroy the wolves instead of taking alternate actions such as relocating the wolves?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Please do not harm God's creatures! Every animal has it's place and we shouldn't mess with nature.

  29. Unknown says:

    Terrible proposition against wolves. Just remember you are signing carnage to kill on of Gods creations given as a gift to us. If you vote yes for this are you really a good person. No you are not!

  30. Urge the Senators NOT to co-sponsor or vote for S. 164 the wolf delisting bill.

    For Minnesota residents, Senator Franken has not co-sponsored this bill. He needs us to urge him NOT to sponsor or support this bill. Please call Senator Franken at 202 224-5614 in DC, 218 722-2390 in Duluth, 651 221 1016 in St. Paul, 210 284 8721 in Moorhead.

    Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) has co-sponsored S 164. Please ask her to reconsider and withdraw her sponsorship for this bill. Please call her at 202 224 3244 in DC, 612 727 5220 in Minneapolis, 507 288 5321 in Rochester, 218 741 9690 in Virginia and 218 287 2219 in Moorhead.

    For Wisconsin residents, Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) has co-sponsored S. 164. Please ask her to reconsider and withdraw her sponsorship from the bill. Call her at 202 224-5643 in DC, 800 247 5645 toll free from WI or call one of her district offices.

    For all other states, urge your US Senators to NOT sponsor or vote for S. 164.

    For those who live in New York, Senator Schumer as the minority leader will be involved in determining what bills are voted upon and he can assist with defending the wolf. Senator Schumer can be reached at 202 224-6542, 518 431-4070 in Albany.

    Here are some talking points if time permits on your call. Otherwise, make a simple request to vote NO on S.164 and keep the wolf federally protected.

    Delisting will be detrimental to the gray wolf. As soon as the wolf was no longer federally protected, wolf killing was unleashed and it occurs now. The massive wolf killings through state-supported hunts has already lessened the genetic diversity of the wolf population and created chaos in the wolf packs.

    The wolf is essential to a healthy ecosystem. Many other species' live and thrive where the wolf is present. Even the deer are larger and healthier when living near the wolf, an apex predator.

    Wolves are not a threat to cattle. In Minnesota where 2.78 million cattle were raised in 2015, only 74 calves and cows were verified killed by a wolf. Yet for that insignificant and small mortality (.0032%) from a suspected wolf, almost 200 wolves were killed in Minnesota in response by federal agents using baiting and trapping of wolves without any verification of any specific wolf. That is 10% of the entire wolf population in MN! The wolf still needs federal protections. Make the call today. Find your senators here.

  31. Anonymous says:

    In answer to anonymous at 12:42 concerning wolf populations in North America (Canada and U.S.) you are incorrect, the most recent figures show over 130k wolves.

  32. Hols says:

    So many anonymous... It's a brave contributor who admits to using wiki as a source.

    Humane society puts the figure closer to 7000


    More information for those interested at home here


  33. BBluez84 says:

    Is there a petition??

  34. Anonymous says:

    Please do not do this. Relocate them instead.

  35. Anonymous says:

    But they won't, and that is the problem. Allowed to hunt wolves? Trap wolves? The good people still won't stop the growth of wolf populations, and the wildlife and domestic animals will continue to be killed. The idea, or the narrative, that "we" can now hunt wolves; as if it is a privilege, is going to still allow hunting to be destroyed, because the very issue isn't that we have a right, but rather, that it is a privilege to stop the damage wolves have caused. Take wolves out of the narrative, and replace it with ISIS. Would we be talking the same way? Wolves have always been the pariah, and they always will be. They are not sacred animals, but rather, they are vermin.

  36. Sue River Horse says:

    Please. ..what can we do to fight this? Is there a petition or something else to be done?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Laisser les vivre...de quel droit on se permets de prendre la vie à un animal si noble? Ils méritent plus la vie que beaucoup d'êtres ignobles qui ne respectent pas la vie, la nature, les autres....

  38. Bower Bird says:

    What a disgusting, disgraceful, unethical, immoral idea. It brings shame on Minnesota and shame on all the US. Wildlife is not ours to exterminate. Killing wildlife is not the answer. Grow up, Minnesota, grow up.

  39. Unknown says:

    Can't an agency/group/non-profit step in and fund a program to selectively neuter? There must be a humane way to control them sustainably.

  40. Helen Lee-Hesse says:

    Your decision and behavior is antithetical to conservation. You should all be ashamed and removed from office! NO NO NO!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Chootem' all

  42. Anonymous says:

    Killem all.

  43. Anonymous says:

    They will not eradicate all of the wolves. Is it too much to ask to manage them? That's all they are trying to do. The wolf has not natural predator. So they need to be managed just like every other species of animal out there. They are far from endangered. There is a reason why all the native american tribes hunted the wolf to almost extinction

  44. Unknown says:


  45. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are just a necessary to our ecosystems as the bees are. what we do not need is more murders, senseless, stupid and dark people with dark minds & hearts! that's the garbage that needs to go. Respect all life! that life is not yours to take!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Our ecosystem can not survive without wolves. It is that simple. Not only are wolves beautiful creatures full of unconditional love, they are absolutely necessary for our environment.

  47. Anonymous says:

    There are over 300,000,000 people in the USA, let's sign another bill.

    Humans are worse to any ecosystem, than any wolf would ever be.

  48. Unknown says:

    Out of all the issues in the US.... This is being debated right now? Are you kidding me? Every living being plays a part in the ecosystem.. spend your time debating something useful and leave them the hell alone

  49. CONNIE says:

    Suggestion: As President Trump likes to Tweet, so be it. Short to the point tweets, NO VULGARITY PLEASE, asking that he stop the murder of these animals.

  50. Unknown says:

    Nature is a delicate balance (which MAN knows NOTHING ABOUT) between Hunter and Prey. UPSET the BALANCE and "You've" created MORE problems, unnecessary deaths and MORE legislature. For ALL that is GOOD in the world, let this issue GO! Concentrate of what PROTECTION can be given to those whose livestock is in danger, and help THEM (by the taxpayer's money you would have spent on eradicating the wolves) to fortify their property (s).

  51. "the reintroduction of wolves continues to astonish biologists with a ripple of direct and indirect consequences throughout the ecosystem." -Yellowstone National Park.
    Only a fool or an idiot would sanction this despicable proposal.

  52. Wolfpack '17 says:

    Nobody is trying to eradicate wolves. State management will allow states to manage wolves down closer to original goals. There will still be plenty. As for comparing wolf management to Hitler, wow, just … wow. Not even close. Some of you folks need to have kids to understand the difference between man and animal. The Bible is clear on man's dominion over wildlife.

  53. SandCNeal says:

    Endangered animals of all kinds and other animals need to be protected! They're here for a reason whether to protect us or to keep the food chain going, they need our protection! You wouldn't like it very much if someone came.along with power and decided to eradicate you. SAVE OUR ANIMALS!

  54. Anonymous says:


  55. Anonymous says:

    Look to Yellowstone How Wolves Change Rivers

  56. Anonymous says:

    "The Bible is clear on man's dominion over wildlife." What a self-centered, egotistical view of the world, but if you really think that we humans are such superior beings, why aren't you helping to PROTECT the creatures and planet that "God has given us"? Don't allow this senseless extermination of wolves (or any other species)!

  57. Anonymous says:

    After reading these comments, it's unfortunate that The People have not protested against the killing, petitions don't work, it's time to go to the sights where the wolves are and ensure that they are removed, and relocated, regardless of what The Government says, no animal can be harmed if you as activists take charge. Unfortunately am in South Africa, and have worked with wolves in our local zoo and if I had a place large enough to accommodate these wolves it would protect them from an any death. South Africa.

  58. Wolfpack '17 says:

    16:53, it's a responsibility to have dominion over the wildlife. Doesn't mean exterminate wolves, but manage them to a number that doesn't have excess negative impact hunting, farming and wildlife (elk, moose and deer) viewing, three huge economic drivers to the Upper Midwest economy. Wolves in the Great Lakes aren't tourist attractions like they may be in Yellowstone. In fact, you'd be lucky to even see one most of the time even if you live in WI, MN or MI wolf country (though your 24/7 game cameras will capture many images).

    Genesis 1:26: Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."

  59. Anonymous says:

    NO NO NO!!
    There is NO reason to kill these beautiful creatures! No reason at all! Everyone knows trump is stupid enough to sign this! Don't do it! Wolves don't kill for sport! They kill to eat and feed their pack and cubs! For the love of life leave the poor wolves alone!
    This literally makes me want to cry. Wolves are my favorite animal!

  60. Anonymous says:

    The story of the big bad Canadian wolf brought here is a myth:


  61. Anonymous says:

    Leave the wolves alone! Their population is just rebounding. Not only is this law inhumane its authors and endorses are too!

  62. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are a crucial part of the food chain balance and are incredibly smart beautiful animals. Let your voices be heard!

  63. Unknown says:

    I am so ashamed of the human race and I use the term human loosely. Man only knows how to destroy instead of trying to live with animals and nature. Our descendants will suffer because of our stupidity and by then it will be too late. Jeanne Smith

  64. Anonymous says:

    I love Wolf jerky!

  65. Wolfpack '17 says:

    Earth to all wolf lovers (and I love wolves too, but know they need management): even when wolves were listed, there are provisions that allow depredating or problem wolves to be killed, and government trappers killed thousands through the years even when there were no hunting or trapping seasons, sometimes hundreds in a year in Minnesota alone, for example. Management of wolves was returned to the states under President Obama, too. It was only a federal judge who sided with some anti-hunting groups to get wolves listed again. They are NOT endangered or even threatened in the Great Lakes and no state management plan will "eradicate" wolves. In fact, there's a minimum number in each state which won't even likely get close to. The last thing they want is to get them listed again, so they'll manage them to goals that have been set for years and even were agreed to by pro-wolf groups back when wolves were allowed to repopulate the Great Lakes states. Now that they're WAY over goal, the wolf groups have gone back on their word. Pretty typical, as the wolf is the poster child for fundraising. Have you ever seen the six-figure salaries of some of these "wolf lovers" that work for groups like HSUS or PETA??? Your donations are not saving dogs and cats, or even wolves. The folks running these groups are laughing all the way to the bank.

  66. artlady says:

    Don't eat beef. Then there's no need to kill the wolves. I don't eat meat, I'm not dead.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Dogs evolved from wolves. Of course, in a country where people don't even believe in natural selection or evolution, I guess we can go around killing the ancestors of our beloved pets.

  68. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Do something to protect the Wolves. This is uncalled for, and I thought Yellowstone was a safe haven for wolves? To whomever: Do your freaking job and fight for this beautiful endangered species.

  69. Pratik Mokashi says:


  70. Anonymous says:

    If the red necks want to kill something, why don't they do us a favor and kill themselves. It'll be just like paintball only with real guns and real bullets. And the winner will be the wolves.

  71. Anonymous says:


  72. Morgana says:

    Leave animals alone, people are watching and punish politicians who are against wolf listing-protecting.

  73. Anonymous says:

    I really need to know why we're trying to save these animals. It's high time they be eradicated. Their only purpose is to suffer and die at the hands of humans, so LET THEM GO EXTINCT.

    You wouldn't bring a child into this world if a geneticist told you with 100% certainty that it would be born with a painful, incurable, terminal disease, so why keep "conserving" or reintroducing wolves (or bears or mountain lions for that matter) into the environment when they face they same fate?

    Humans are their incurable disease.

  74. We need wolves. Otherwise our ecosystem would go haywire.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are God's creatures. We are the ones taking their land away and ruining the environment for all. Their solution is an inhumane decision! Sometimes adults can make the most incomprehensible decisions! My children are smarter than these idiots making this choice. Apparently they need to reeducate themselves on the food chains and environment. It's basic elementary science. Do not do this! This is an inhumane choice you are making as mentioned above, not a necessity.

  76. Unknown says:

    Only sociopaths intentionally hurt animals!!!
    This cannot be legal!!! RESPECT these beautiful animals!!

  77. Unknown says:

    This is awful. What sickos want to trap wolves? if this is about ranchers, keep your cows on your own land and too many cows are destroying the earth and air and water. Ranchers are causing climate change. Wolves make the land better, even can turn swamps to rivers by keeping animals healthy and in balance.

  78. Anonymous says:

    After reading these posts, it makes me wonder, how many of these people really live around these areas where they want to MANAGE the wolf population... Over the many years, and it has been many, I have lived in this area of over populated wolves, I have known many people that have lost there livestock to wolves, (not everyone has the luxury of being reimbursed for there lose of livestock), and it has been devastating to them. Not to mention the people that have had there dogs, cats, and other animals killed by the wolves. Wolves will and do, come right up to your home and kill your animals. Just last month, wolves killed a deer in the home of my son, right in his yard. He has a family, a daughter that is blind, a dog that has been part of the family for years. Wolves don't care if it's night or day when they kill or what they kill. No. I don't support the killing of all wolves, but I DO SUPPORT the management of them. They have definitely increased their numbers which bring them to spread out wider for food and play. I feel each state should have the right to decide when it's time to manage them and how many need to be eliminated to keep things in check. Don't judge, if you don't live here in these areas and have not seen what they can do.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are such iconic and amazing creatures. It just isn't fair that so many of those who have worked hard advocating for their reintroduction and population growth to multiples of published target numbers to only have the opportunity to see them in stylized photographs. There should definitely be packs in other parts of their historic range...Grant Park, Chicago...Central Park, New York. Echinococcosis, also called hydatid disease should not be reserved for just those rural hicks. And the excitement! The teachable moments that will arise as the wolves return the natural balance of Golden Retrievers, Shih Tzus and Calico Cats in the neighborhoods!

  80. Anonymous says:

    Shoot your local congressman/woman today. Then, move up the chain.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Not to bright, you get rid wolves it changes the entire eco system for the worse

  82. Anonymous says:

    Leave the beautiful creatures alone why does everyone feel it's their right to kill wild animals gods creations are there for a reason.

  83. Anonymous says:

    How can we help or do to stop them from trying to kill the wolves? This is so upsetting...

  84. Anonymous says:

    When can I get my tag

  85. Anonymous says:

    I urge citizens to call their legislatures and ask them to pass this. The wolves that were so "hailed" by the tree huggin, flower sniffin, dope smoking, bunnie huggers were INTRODUCED to the states - they were not the native wolf that had resided in the past (and still did in Yellowstone when the bunny huggers INTRODUCED the wolf). States should and WILL have control of these non-native predators. Marjorie Mulhall can kiss my ass. Randy Moseman

  86. Anonymous says:

    You people are idoits for trying to kill theses beautiful animals, they have every right to be here just like you. Maybe we should start giving pout tags for people. Just saying...Quit being assholes.

  87. Anonymous says:

    This is what happens when one side runs policy down the others throat. Lets hope for a balance, not retaliation.

  88. Janis Millu says:

    Totally unnecessary. The wolves have their place in the natural order of the environment. Killing them will cause more problems. Use your heads and listen to scientific research.

  89. Anonymous says:

    This is realy sad. Can't happen. Leave them alone.

  90. Anonymous says:

    They have to be regulated. So some of them have to be trapped or shot

  91. Anonymous says:

    Human ignorance is bringing this planet to its extinction

  92. Unknown says:

    Post a petition to sign against it?

  93. Anonymous says:

    Human race is more dangerous than animals. Why don't we start shooting abusers and ignorants instead. Humans are overpopulating the planet and causing more harm and bad than animals.

  94. Anonymous says:

    None of Gods creatures should be subject to inhumane killing. Animals were on the land before humans but you don't see them hunting off culling humans!!!

  95. Anonymous says:

    Well.. relocate them to the area where these people live that want them left alone.. other than that.. kill them all.. they are nothing but mother nature's hitmen..

  96. Anonymous says:

    I say they pass a bill that allows hunting politicians like these animals for sport

  97. Anonymous says:

    Humans must learn to coexist with nature and its creatures including the great wolf, life is about balance. I pray we find a wise solution to find that balance asap.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Awesome news! it's about time.

  99. Orcawhales says:

    Why does the human race feel they can play God all the time? These creatures on Earth have been her long before we came and we stepped into their territory and built on their land. We should be able to coexist.

  100. Anonymous says:


  101. Anonymous says:

    They are just trying to survive like we are! We all live on this planet together and if I had two share with my siblings when we were kids then we should share.

  102. Unknown says:

    I'm not a vegetarian but i've stopped eating beef because of this. This is outrageous. Cattle are not even native here - messing with the natural order of things... very bad idea as we have already seen.

  103. Anonymous says:

    First of all.. why does it have to come to this. You actually think killing them is the solution? What's wrong with humanity now a days? Why are we filled with this unnecessary hatred?? Leave the wolves and other creatures that inhabit this beautiful world, ALONE!! It's time people start living more with the Earth and nature..than against her. Only time will tell...

  104. Unknown says:

    Humans keep popping out babies after another and overpopulate the planet. Which leaves no more room for the animals.
    Killing off all the other life on this planet is killing ourselves sooner or later too, since we are still part of the ecosystem.

    Already doing my part in not having any children, keeping the environment clean, educating other people and cutting down on meat products(aiming to become vegetarian).

  105. Unknown says:


  106. Anonymous says:

    Has no one seen how just reintroducing a few wolves into Yellowstone has completely restored the flora along riverbeds and brought back subspecies that had left or been reduced in numbers. Nature has a balance, get educated!!

  107. Anonymous says:

    Please leave them alone - relocate them to a place they can live in peace and be safe.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Please leave the wolves alone! Relocate them! They were endangered once before because of this! Don't let it happen ever again! Killing solves nothing! It only unbalances nature! You get rid of one animal species all the others that it lives on will begin to overrun the area! Please leave the wolves alone they are important to the balance of nature!

  109. Unknown says:

    WTH??? This is LITERALLY Minnesota's Basketball team mascot! I say relocate them too. Just drive them further north or something

    I mean there are deer EVERYWHERE. This is so messedup

  110. Unknown says:

    ps. to the previous post about "how many live around these creatures?"

    I lived there for a number of years and also live in a state where we have a coyote problem now. I still think that relocating them either further now and/or spreading them out to other places would fix the issue.

  111. Craig horner says:

    Hows about we let the hunting of hunters begin. Go ahead and pass it, but add to it, that the hunters hunt at their own risk, as it will also be legal for a real bad ass to hunt the hunters.... Put me in coach; let me at em.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Good they are a threat to livestock

  113. Craig horner says:

    Screw it. Dont make hunting of wolf hunters legal.... i can hunt the inbreds if i want to. A guys gotta eat. Plus i need trophy heads on my wall too.

  114. Anonymous says:

    I can't wait to get my first one on my wall!!!

  115. Unknown says:

    I think this is disgusting. They are protected for a reason and should remain that way. Not to mention, most of the people hunting these beautiful animals don't do it because they need the meat to feed their family, they do it for the fun/ game of it and to have a pissing match with the next hunter.

  116. Unknown says:

    Only people too stupid to understand "ecosystem" would decide to ruin their own. Instead of killing the wolves, I suggest we eradicate WILLFULLY STUPID politicians. Citizens of these targeted states should declare open season on the politicians intent on destroying their American wild heritage.

  117. Anonymous says:

    Let the hunt begin smoke a pack a day and watch theses greeny snowflakes liberals cry lol!!!!

  118. Anonymous says:

    Getting rid of wildlife! This is sad. NATURE will eventually show those "big "decision makers!!!"/senators" how wrong they are. Those senators are destroying our planet. May they live old enough to get a taste of it.

  119. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with these senators??? Let me guess, they are white, Republican men who care nothing for the land or the animals that live there. Shame on you! Hopefully Karma will come back to bite you on the ass!

  120. Anonymous says:

    We need regulation on the wolves, i have lost multiple calves and my beloved dog Bella, which all i found was her head and a leg. I have had to chase a wolf off by reving my 4 wheeler and screaming at the top of my lungs, it finally dropped it. The wolf was dragging a calf off by its head!the calf did not make it from the puncture wounds in its head. We try our best to protect our cattle but we can not watch them 24hrs. The protected wolves are multiplying with each litter of 5-10 and they need a regulation in place. They do not have a natural predator so we need to regulate or they cause problems that effect livlihood of farmers and or take away a cherished family member as my Bella was taken from us too soon!

  121. Wolves are critical species of the ecosystem. They help maintain the balance. Here is an example of why we need the wolves. https://youtu.be/ysa5OBhXz-Q

  122. Unknown says:


  123. Unknown says:

    Total scum bags. I hope all the hunters end up shooting each other. They again put guns and killing before anything else. typical america scum bags. If you want to hve a real trophy then get a photo of you with a live wolf. Any idiot can shoot with a gun. Very few can track and get close for a great photo and then leave undetected. Thats skill. Just blasting with a gun is just for any hill billy. Wolves are vital to the countryside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q

  124. Anonymous says:

    Who introduced these bills?
    We want to contact each of them.

  125. Anonymous says:

    Humans are supposed to be the protectors of the planet and all the animals on it. How can we sit by and allow such amazing animals to be destroyed simply for our satisfaction? It is arrogant of us to behave in such a manner, treating the wolves with disdain. Please, save the wolves.

  126. I am literally quivering and my heart is racing. This cannot be, it just cannot happen. When will mankind just END so that the rest of this Earth will finally be at peace.

  127. Unknown says:

    I'll be there hunting the stupid hunters.

  128. This is dispicible. The ignorance of man never ceases to amaze me. Leave thee wolves alone. They are majestic souls, who YOU brought there. Now find them santuaries, or leave them br. YOU GO, TAKE YOUR FAMILIES AND GO. BUT LEAVE THESE SOULS ALONE!!

  129. Amy Swenson says:

    No! Did you learn nothing from the research on the cascade effect when they reintroduced the wolf into Yellowstone?! They are vital to the rest of the ecosystem!!!

  130. They should not eradicate any level of the food chain. I'm sure the people who are in favor of eradicating are the very same people who pray for peace and are against abortion. If God created one thing, he created them all. All that aside, what happens when the lower food chains become overridden in population and disease and it spreads to humans? Wolves, as vicious as they can be, and as loving and gentle as they are, (we had a Timberwolf) keep the population at bay. Deer carry diseases no one thinks about, and without natures control, it would spread and decimate entire herds. So how about the politicians in these 3 states do what they are getting paid to do, and serve the people, and leave nature to serve itself. The eco system is built to keep itself going at a constant level. It does not need human interference. This just burns my ass up.

  131. Anonymous says:

    Sounds great! Can't wait to hunt this vermin!

  132. My grandfather Milt Stenlund was one of the first people along with his mentor and friend Sigured Olson to do DNR sanctioned studies on the North American grey wolf. They determined through intense labor and dedication that wolve are no more a threat to people than any other animal and further more they actually help maintain a balanced ecosystem in many many ways. This is absolutely sickening to me and I will be fighting it. I ask on behalf of Milt that anyone here who thinks this is terrible to please call the senators behind this bill and make them stop!

  133. Anonymous says:

    What worries me even more than our Wisconsin ever increasing gray wolf population is the ability of all you uninformed urban conservationists to sway our legislators who, like most of you have never even set foot in our state, let alone the woods of Wisconsin or Minnesota. What can you possibly have a problem with the regulation and management of the wildlife population with the state biologists who actually understand the issues with the resource?

  134. Kristin says:

    I totally understand keeping them under control but yo destroy something that is so needed to keep balance is just wrong

  135. Kristin says:

    I totally understand keeping them under control but yo destroy something that is so needed to keep balance is just wrong

  136. Anonymous says:

    Get rid of them all!!

  137. In Canada, wolves were nearly hunted to extinction - in some areas, they were. We reintroduced them...guess what...wolves fertilize the land naturally. They encourage biodiversity, they control rodent populations as well as other small animal populations, wolves also eat berries and other vegetation - meaning they also transport plant life to other areas along with their natural fertilizer. Big business is stuck in the industrial age, and are too money blind in the moment to look and ask "what is the most sustainable way forward, how can income be generated now and in the future, how can longevity be applied to X?" Greed is all about the NOW, and can not see the future. The wolves need to stay.

  138. Anonymous says:


  139. Anonymous says:

    The wolves are no good at all. Killing livestock and taking money from ranchers. Some people will never understand

  140. Anonymous says:

    I live in Wisconsin and I find this disgusting. They are not a problem at all. It's just dumb narrow minded people that want to hunt them for sport. Their argument is that there aren't enough deer for hunting because of the wolves. I just can't grasp why they think that's a logical reason to want to kill these majestic creatures. If they were killing cattle, pets, harming humans, I could be more understanding, but this is nothing more than sport hunting.

  141. Nicholas says:

    I've held one baby wolf and spent an hour with an adult wolf and they are the sweetest most beautiful creatures I have ever met. We can't destroy them. They're just trying to survive. You think they're troy let because we imposed on their habitat.

  142. DeeAhDRa says:

    Stop this killing of the wolfs. We are the caretakes of Mother Earth and all the life on it.. The Ecosystem will not do well without them.. Stop this!

  143. Anonymous says:

    Wolves should not be hunted and killed. Humans are destroying this planet, by killing species of animals to a point where they become extinct.

  144. Perry says:

    It is about time we need to let the ecosystem heal it self from the over population of wolf's in the Midwest

  145. Unknown says:

    Wow just another thing humans are doing to ruin the beautiful things left on this earth! Wolves are beautiful animals and should be left alone not hunted for trophies and shit! Come on people killing is not always the answer to your problems!

  146. Unknown says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people I can't stand this country anymore I seriously can't it's going to crap. How about we start killing the people off instead? This basically the same as killing innocent wolves who are just trying to live. Or better yet how about we go to those states and start killing off all there let dogs and animals and see how they feel then. It's the same freaking thing!!

  147. Anonymous says:

    You people suck! They're already endangered!! How horrible to want to kill them. They have a purpose!!

  148. Anonymous says:

    This is very wrong. Leave the wolves alone you damn assholes. Animals were here first. they are part of the landscape. those that want to kill them all are the ones that should be eradicated.

  149. Nil0u says:

    There should be a team of animal rights protectors and conservationists the gov't could call on for situations like these. It is our responsibility to propose this to the govt. It should be a gov't paid job. That is what an evolved more civilised world should be. The animals depend on us, and we really need to push for it everywhere!

  150. Anonymous says:

    Wisconsin set a goal of 350 packs of wolves as a sustainable population. Since they were put on the "endangered" species list that number has become two to three times that number and growing. They are moving south out of the heavily forested northern regions where they have decimated the whitetail deer population and into the more heavily farmed regions of the state. Guaranteed a calf or sheep in a pasture or your dog on a chain in your back yard will be easier to catch and kill than any deer. The northern deer are running the wolf gauntlet out in the big woods. Deer hunting is a 1.4 billion dollar a year economic benefit to the state. Like it or not there are over 600,000 deer hunters in Wisconsin and they provide a tremendous economic impact for the financially strapped northern third of the state in the form of tourist dollars. Many of us pay thousands of dollars a year in property taxes for a place up north where we can hunt, fish and enjoy nature. Now in many areas the wolves have reduced the number of deer to near nothing and then they move on to do the same thing in a neighboring area. People don't see wolves in the wild, only what carnage they have created. All you bunny huggers would feel the same way if you had a wolf pack in your area.

  151. Anonymous says:

    This is wyoming if you dont like to see a wolf die leave or introduce them to your state, as for me I will shoot as many as I can if this passes none will live.

  152. Anonymous says:

    Amen I just bought 5 30 round ammo clips just for the time we can start eradicating the wolves for good!!!!!!!

  153. Anonymous says:

    Preserve the ecosystem by managing the wolf populaion - not eradicating it. Keep nature in balance.

  154. Anonymous says:

    These wolves that have been introduced are a scurge on our land, they were not intented to live her so they must be removed. The wolves that are here now have caused more damage to propery and livestock than all other vermin combined. Also the ranchers rely on thier cattle to survive qhen a wolf kills a cow,yea the rancher gets reimbursed for it but not for the many calves that cow could have born through the years. We must rid our lands of all these menacing wolves and use our hunters to maintain our wildlife heards.

  155. Anonymous says:

    Wolves suck!! Ask those that actually live here in Wyoming where we didn't want the range cockroach anyway. They were brought here by the Feds via Yellowstone and allowed to get out of control via the endangered species list. Even though they are not even remotely close. All I know is I am going to stock up on ammo and as soon as I can, kill as many of these worthless pieces of garbage as I possibly can.

  156. Anonymous says:

    Why as humanes must we kill beautiful animals for our own self-worth I.E.Trophys?. protect before it's too late

  157. Anonymous says:

    They are not beautiful animals maybe we can plant the beautiful creatures in your back yard and then tell me how beautiful they are when they are attacking and wating your pets and family. Beautiful my ass only to those in a city where they dont have to deal with them day to day.

  158. Anonymous says:

    Im not worried about the environment and im ready to start the hunt for humans, starting with your libral ass.

  159. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are beautiful I would take one home if I could please don't kill them. They are majestic animals that just survive on nature and they don't know any better they are doing what nature wants them to do

  160. Anonymous says:

    Thank god Trump is our president no matter what any of you say they will be hunted and killed.

  161. Anonymous says:

    If I see a person having their guns aiming at wolves. I'll have my gun aim at these hunters. That's a promise

  162. Anonymous says:

    If I see a person having their guns aiming at wolves. I'll have my gun aim at these wolf hunters. That's a promise

  163. Anonymous says:

    I know of a pack just up from my house they will be the first to die.

  164. Unknown says:

    tranqilize them all and send them to California forests. We already have laws in place to protect them. Please do not let this insanity start again.

  165. Anonymous says:

    Driving more animals into extinction every year. We disturb habitats and eradicate species for nothing. Its sickening just like being surprised when fires happen in a chaparral biome. Or an alligator crawls into your backyard after building a house 1 mile from a swamp that is over run by alligators

  166. Unknown says:

    Our Government needs to know as well as all of these Ranchers that want to accuse the Wolves of killing their Livestock. First and Foremost a Wolf will not go into a pen to go after livestock because they know it will put them in danger because then they are trapped and fenced in. If the Ranchers allow their livestock to roam outside of a pen then they are now on a Wolves Stomping ground because that means they are fair game for the hunt. As well if you kill off the Wolves , you in turn kill off our Eco System the Wolves are in place to keep a balance. Without them their will be serious over population as well Nature will deteriorate around you. go and look at the videos National Geographic has placed out showing several of Our State Parks before the Wolves were sent back out of captivity and back into the Parks. The Parks were dead, the trees and grass and plants were all dying yet when the Wolves came back so did the life to the Earth. You need to Stop messing with Mother Nature or Believe me, She will put a Hurting on Everyone.

  167. Anonymous says:

    None of you people have a clue what you are talking about. I keep hearing "upsetting the balance" type comments and we need to rewind a bit,the upset came when these non native wolves were introduced, not RE-introduced. The elk population has suffered the most.. Yellowstone is a great example of this, I've been going there since I was a kid and used to be able to see hundreds of elk,the last time I was there I saw SEVEN! My guess is that most of you people that are so "higher thinking and evolved" haven't ever even seen a wolf in the wild or spent a whole lot of time in the wilderness or on a ranch where you'd have gained any first hand knowledge of the subject. You don't really have any right to put in your 2 cents that you know nothing about! As for relocation, where are you going you put them? NO ONE WANTS/NEEDS THEM! Another ignorant comment coming from people have no idea what they talking about. I have an idea, let's put them in Central Park,they are so beautiful and scared of humans that I'm sure they'd be no trouble at all! Problem solved! I really wish that would happen, then you idiots would get a crash course in wolves 101, I'm guessing some people tunes may change after that! One thing, I would venture a guess that all of you great animal loving "conservationists" are all pro choice. It always seems to be that way. No concern for the million plus babies that are slaughtered every year, but heaven forbid kill an animal. Now that is truly disturbing.

  168. Anonymous says:

    Start a petition.
    Save these beautiful animals from these morons.
    And if you can, please save Americans from themselves too.

  169. Anonymous says:

    love wolves-there is no dumb animal just IGNORANT people-need to continue to be voice for those that cannot speak or defend themselves-they have a right to live on this earth just like anybody or anything else does-wolves stay safe

  170. Unknown says:

    Wow why would they want to do that dont make no got damn sense at all ..😡there a part of nature just like plants and trees comon .this is getting out of hand first the native American tribes the Gov don't got no respect for them and now these poor beautiful animals leave all animals anlone.for real got tf up..

  171. Anonymous says:

    These wolves are not part of nature. We interfered with nature when these worthless ass animals were put in Yellowstone. Kill them all and swiftly. Really? The wolves help the environment? What ever sacred crap your smoking is killing whatever brain cells you have left. When was the last time you actually seen a wolf in the wild? Well I have been hunting in Wyoming for 40 years and have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours behind spotting scopes and binoculars and have yet to see one. But I will also tell you what I am not seeing. The Elk, Deer, and Moose populations we once had. It is truly sad to see the NEGATIVE impact these mutts have had on our heard sizes. Worthless, worthless, worthless. These wolves are maggets!!

  172. Anonymous says:

    Maryanne ��wow�� really wolves know what a fence is? All of you people that are so uneducated and naive idiots if all you hsve is your opinion and no scientific evidence to back your thoughts up then shut your pie holes, a wolf will kill whenever, and whereever for food and for thrill (which means for fun and waste the animal). The wolves need eradicated end of story and if you don't live in the states mentioned shut your F#@$ing mouth.....

  173. Anonymous says:

    These wolves are part of nature, we must and will protect them with our lives. The person who said they are maggots the only maggot he will know are the ones eating on his dead flesh.

  174. Unknown says:

    Why are you guys being soo stupid!?! Wolves are a vital part of nature!! If anything needs to be trophy hunted it's the stupid politicians!

  175. Anonymous says:

    Aside from the issue of whether wolves should be managed there is another issue here. Whether politicians should be able to undo what has been done lawfully under the Endangered Species Act. Do we really want to start that precedent? What's next? Remember the lesson of not caring what is done to something we aren't personally affected by. Sooner or later something that does affect you Will be affected. We shouldn't let Congress have the authority to override established procedures such as basing management of wildlife based on scientific evidence rather than political expediency. We need to guard our democratic institutions carefully or one day we may wake up and realize we have lost them.

  176. Anonymous says:

    Hello these wolves are not endangered they are not even native to this area go north to Canada there is an abundance of them there.

  177. Anonymous says:

    What is the world coming to when you pick on animals look at the bigger problems leave the wolves alone

  178. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of nut crackers.

  179. Anonymous says:

    Leave the Wolves alone, they are here for a specific reason. Destroying them will cause even more damage to an ecosystem that is already damaged by the stupidity of eradication.

  180. Anonymous says:

    Wisconsin wolves walked over from Minnesota in 1956 and they have stayed, thrived and multiplied. Before they got here the coyotes were the animal apex predator and while they would harass the deer herd particularly when they were in deep snow and keep them in the winter yarding areas longer, they were not a serious threat to the overall deer population. Coyotes would rather catch and eat smaller mammals than deer anyway. A lot of you have written that we need the gray wolf to help manage the deer herd. Wisconsin sold 832,092 deer hunting licenses in 2016. That is over 16 million dollars for conservation from license sales alone. That many deer hunters with high powered rifles will do just fine managing the Wisconsin deer herd without any help from the wolves. That brings up another point that most of you bleeding hearts don't stop to consider. Do you even realize how a wolf kills a deer? They catch it from behind and tear out the tendons on its hind legs so that it can't run. Then they eat it alive in a lot of instances back to front until the deer bleeds to death or dies from stress. The deer herd does need to be managed, but a high powered rifle bullet in the chest or central nervous system is an infrequently more humane way of killing an animal than eating it alive. Man is now the apex predator in my state and we don't need or want the wolves.

  181. Anonymous says:

    Stop the klling. Predators are needed for a natural balance.

  182. Anonymous says:

    Please stop!!!! Dont do this! Leave these poor creatures alone, they will be extinct if you do this!'
    people are so greedy!!!

  183. Unknown says:

    I personally love wolves, they represent freedom and unity at the same time. The only reason they kill is to eat. I'm in full support of hunting murderers, rapists, pedophiles, etc... or better yet let's hunt the idiots who make these laws. You all make me ashamed to be American. You are all a bunch of nothing better to do then ruin our world fuck-tards that I wouldn't trust with a vegetable peeler.

  184. Humans continue to gouge/eliminate wildlife habitats, then decide to kill any inconveniences as a result. IGNORANCE! What makes their lives any more important than wolves. Watch Medicine of the Wolf.

  185. Unknown says:

    Why not move them to a protected state ?? A wolf sanctuary

  186. ResQDogZ says:


    There will be a "day of reckoning" - soon (as early as the 2018 mid-terms) - and it will be OPEN SEASON ON EVERY SINGLE MISCREANT WHO PROPOSED OR SUPPORTED THIS CRIMINAL INHUMANITY!

    Would-to-God, we could strip YOU of all protections - pensions, privilege, retirement, salary - for the utter dereliction of duty to represent "we, the people" and the best interests of our nation, our environment, and our planet.. instead of being simpleton shills for big-monied corporate interests!

    Nothing but greed, avarice, and hypocrisy emanating from Congress - for as long as I can remember!

  187. Unknown says:

    If they want to keep the population of wolves down, "shoot" them with darts of birth control! Or shoot them with a tranquilizer snd spay or nueter them!

  188. Anonymous says:

    Go ahead mess with your ecosystems. When the deer overrun your pastures and your streams dry up, don't say no one told you. And my name is Shelia not anonymous.

  189. Anonymous says:

    DON'T LET THIS GO THROUGH! THIS KIND OF THING HAS TO STOP!!! This makes me so mad, you don't even know. Wolves are my favorite animal and they don't need something like this. We already have a little amount of wolves left! #SAVEALLWOLVES

  190. Anonymous says:

    They killed the wolves in yellowstone. The ecosystem falled, and they had to re-introduce the wolves back to yellowstone. Stupid people. Have they not learned from that. It's stupid, shouldn't have to kill wolves. They belong here on earth more so than us humans.

  191. Anonymous says:

    Hey idiots. It wasn't that long ago when we didn't have these POS animals and guess what, our streams raged on and our fields grew and the heards were healthy. They are worthless. They are not magestic. They DO kill for fun, not just for food. They have decimated the moose populations. It is way more humane to hunt than to let them be devoured alive. Sure you can dart em take to another state, like California, the land of fruits and nuts and they can go pet these horribly nice doggies.

  192. Anonymous says:

    If it passes or not shoot them in the guts and let them run away wounded they will die and no one will ever know.

  193. ResQDogZ says:

    Anonymous 14:55 - You are an unmitigated ASS... May some random tRump, 2nd Amendment fanatic reciprocate - shooting YOU in the gut, to let you suffer in kind...
    What a prick!

  194. ResQDogZ says:

    Anonymous 14:29 - same sentiment applies to YOU: Moose populations are declining from changing climactic conditions (global warming) and parasitical infections/disease...
    Better to revert to the natural environment, and let nature maintain the balances: Best thing for this planet would be to eradicate "man-kind" - the quintessential oxymoron, if ever there was... and THE singularly worst pestilence ever unleashed on an unsuspecting, undeserving, beautiful blue world!

  195. Unknown says:

    Can't happen fast enough. Bring back the majestic Elk herds, kill all the wolves they are just worthless vermin pests!

  196. Anonymous says:

    ResQDogz thst is yhe most idiodic thing I hsve ever heard if all that comes out of your mouth is shit then you need to kerp your mouth closed cuz it stinks. There is no such thing as global warming and your stupid opinion about declining moose populations is the dumbest thing i have heard in years, you have just wasted valuable air and my time reading your stupid post may people never read or listen to anything you have to ever say again.

  197. Anonymous says:

    How can "Nature" maintain a balance when these aren't even the wolves that were originally here? Global warming my ass!!

  198. C-note says:

    What actions can we take to STOP THIS? Please provide some. Petitions, who to call, etc. Thank you!

  199. C-note says:

    What actions can we take to STOP THIS? Please provide some. Petitions, who to call, etc. Thank you!

  200. ResQDogZ says:

    Anonymous 16:03/16:09...
    What an inarticulate ignoramus you've proven yourself to be (as if we couldn't surmise that, from your childish remarks and responses): I reside in a region that used to be teeming with moose, where considerable, respected, documented scientific research has led to the conclusions I reiterated here... and where might we find anything that supports the profane drivel that spews from your illiterate orifice: more "alternative facts", no doubt...

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