Two young polar bears were captured seemingly dancing hand-in-hand and sharing a kiss on the snow as they waited for their mother to return with some food.

The youngsters were enjoying each other's company, much like human children do, and spotted in salsa like moves on Barter Island, Alaska.

Photographer Shayne McGuire watched in awe as they joined paws and mirrored their friend's movements.

Shayne, from San Dimas, California, said it was the first time she had seen behavior like it as the one-year-old cub danced with a friend, estimated to be around three years old.

Shayne said: 'Normally this would never happen and this is something I have never seen before as long as I have been around polar bears'

'But the oddest thing about this was that the mother, who is just out of camera, brought her single cub up to play with older bears,' she continued

“She would come up first and meet the sub adult, then let her cub play like she was teaching him to interact.”

She added: “Since both bears are still young, they were both very playful.

“It was magical.”

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