Baby elephant gets a 'helping trunk' from two concerned adults after falling over

This is the incredible moment a pair of elephants ran to help a tiny calf after she fell over and became wedged in a hole.

Six-week-old baby elephant Omysha was trying to climb out of the pit when it all became too much for her tiny little legs and she tumbled backwards.

The calf landed on her bum upright and was unable to flick herself back onto four legs.

What happened next was pretty amazing. She had fallen over while trying to get up on the landing.

Her parents saw her in trouble and rushed over. They managed to get Omysha upright and then led her to the correct way out of the pit.

'She spends lots of her time with her mother and aunts who are always watching over her - once she tried to go swimming and they had to fish her out.'

Elephants are known to have tight bonds with herd members outside their immediate family. Mothers and their calves share a special connection, but adults have been known to watch over little ones that aren't theirs.


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