An unmarked wooden box only 16 inches tall sat at the Beirut Airport in Lebanon for a week before being opened – and people were shocked to find out three endangered Siberian tiger cubs inside.

Dehydrated and starved, they were covered in urine and feces, their bodies infested with hundreds of maggots. “Nothing indicated that the box contained tigers or even live animals, and there were no details of a shipper or receiver,” rescue group Animals Lebanon (AL) wrote.

Turned out, the cubs were travelling from the the Nikolaev Zoo in Ukraine to the Samer al-Husainawi Zoo in Damascus, Syria when they got stuck in Lebanon.

This horrible scene people witnessed when they opened the box revealed just how badly exotic animals are sometimes being treated.

AL made a plea to confiscate the tigers from their original owner arguing this was a case of cruelty against animals. Now the cubs are safe and sound and getting stronger every day.

“Big cats can be worth tens of thousands of dollars on the black market. The owner is fighting to get them back,” AL wrote. “And we are fighting for the tigers.”

Now the cubs are safe and sound and getting stronger every day at Animals Lebanon


Responses to "Mysterious box sat at the airport for 7 days until someone finally opened it"

  1. Gaetano says:

    This struck me so hard. Despicable! Thank the lord and those when took it upon themselves to open this crate and those who intervened to rescue them. The will to live was to strong for these cubs and as much as it kills me to imagine the suffering they went through they made it for a reason. To be rescued. Don't give up the fight for all animals! God bless.

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