The Maori All Blacks may have lost to the British & Irish Lions on Saturday, but their haka before the game was a thing of beauty

 The haka is performed as a way of intimidating the opposition and laying down the challenge, with many believing that the war dance has the power to win a match before a ball has even been tossed.

The very first haka performed by a New Zealand rugby side can be traced back to 1888, with various versions being used over the years since.

The All Blacks have taken the haka to a more psychological level in recent times, with their slow movements and piercing facial expressions enough to scare the most hardened of rugby players. Maybe not Bakkies Botha, but a lot of other guys.

On Saturday, before the clash between the Maori All Blacks and British & Irish Lions, the Maori side brought the haka to life in an incredible way.

Their haka was fast-paced, emotional, fierce, and used props!

So, for those silly enough to believe that the haka may be losing its power and appeal, it is time to think again after watching this!


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