"I´m a wildlife photographer from Finland. I´ve taken pictures activity since 2004 and the largest themes I have had specially with Wild Gray Wolfs, Wolverine and birds." Niko Pekonen

 Niko Pekonen is Wildlife photographer of the Year 2009 – young awards 15-17 years, runner up, picture Moonlight Rap -Finnish Wildlife photographer of the Year – young awards, winner, picture. Mirroring Wood Sandpiper - Finnish photo competitions, Birdphoto of Liminka, young awards winner 2010 and adult awards winner 2012.

Finland is a country of vast green forests, beautiful Baltic islands, windswept arctic fells and countless blue lakes (though someone claims to have counted 187,888!)

These pristine and picturesque landscapes provide habitat for many wild animals and birds including magnificent bears, wolves, lynx, eagles, cranes and swans, as well as the world’s rarest seal.

Birdwatchers flock to Finland to find species that are hard to spot anywhere else in Europe. Keen wildlife photographers also come here to enjoy excursions and facilities that enable them to get spectacular shots of our amazing animals in their natural wild settings.

Great places to watch out for these creatures include Finland’s 37 national parks, which are freely open to everyone all year round. Our wildlife gallery spotlights some of Finland’s most iconic animals and birds.

All Images are the property of Photographer Niko Pekonen Facebook

There’s no need to fear an unexpected encounter with a wolf when walking in a Finnish forest, as wolves are scarce and do their best to avoid people. The best way to see a wild wolf is to take one of the specially organised overnight wildlife-watching excursions in Finland’s eastern borderlands where wolves are most numerous.

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  1. Love the photographs. Question for you: do the birds (crows or ravens ?) work to help the wolf find food ? do they hang around after the wolf eats to scavenger ?

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    Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

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    Amazing! Beautiful animals caught by an excellent photographer. The amount of time and effort that went into this project is probably staggering. Thank you for this glimpse of the beauty of the wild.

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    Fascinating photos; adaquat presentation of an amzing animal. Gorgeous.

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    Gorgeous photos. I'd love to have some of these photos on my wall!

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    Beautiful photos...Love EMS Thanks

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    Amazing pictures

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