Robert Redford, Ed Harris, Elle Fanning, Ian Somerhalder and countless other equine enthusiasts joined The Humane Society of the United States to draw attention to the threat posed to wild horses and burros.

 "My family and I stand strongly against horse slaughter and against our government harming our wild horses," said actor and director Ed Harris. "I am pleading that a humane and common sense solution to the management of our wild horse population be mandated by Congress in keeping with the spirit of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act."

Provisions in the budget proposed by the administration would allow the BLM to kill captured wild horses or sell them without restriction—a change that would enable buyers to purchase wild horses on the cheap and haul them to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

We Stand with America's Wild Horses and Burros

Our nation's iconic wild horses are fighting for their lives and we cannot stand by silently and let that happen.

We the undersigned call on Congress to oppose provisions in the president's 2018 budget that threatens the lives of tens of thousands of wild horses and burros that will be senselessly killed or easily sold to those who would profit from their slaughter.

For decades, we have had available humane solutions, which would keep wild equines on the range and save tax dollars. Sadly, agencies continue to discredit proven alternatives instead of committing to implement them.

The American people have repeatedly and resoundingly called for wild horses and burros—the descendants of the animals who helped build our country, made our own freedom possible and shaped a vital part of our cultural heritage—to live free on the range.

As a nation, we can and must do better.

Respectfully, Robert Redford, Actor, Director, Advocate; Governor Bill Richardson, Politician; Wendie Malick, Actress, Advocate; Willie Nelson, Musician, Advocate; Ed Harris, Actor, Director; Amy Madigan, Actress; Lily Harris, Student; Elle Fanning, Actress; Ian Somerhalder, Actor; Carol Burnett, Actress; Ali MacGraw, Actress; Dr. Ross MacPhee Professor and Curator of Mammals, AMNH; Allen Rutberg, PhD, North Grafton, MA.; Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Fox Sports / BBC sportscaster; Priscilla Presley, Actress, Entrepreneur; Noah Wyle, Actor; Sam Elliott, Actor; Katherine Ross, Actress; Robert Gossett, Actor; Claire Forlani, Actress; Dougray Scott, Actor; Debbie Levin, CEO Environmental Media Association; Huey Lewis, Musician; Diane Warren, Songwriter; Scarlet Rivera, Musician; David Midthunder, Lakota Pipe Carrier, Actor; Amber Midthunder, Lakota Dancer, Actress; John Fusco, Writer; David Franzoni, Screenwriter, Geologist; Petrine Day Mitchum, Author, Film Historian; Robert Knott, Writer, Producer, Actor; Rex Linn, Actor; Rachael Worby, Artistic Director MUSE/IQUE; Lance Bass, Producer, Singer; Jill Rappaport, Media host, Advocate; Ed Asner, Actor; Mike Smith, Hall of Fame Jockey; Peri Gilpin, Actress; Laraine Newman, Actress, Comedian; Laura San Giacomo, Actress; Frances Fisher, Actress; Anjelica Huston, Actress; Jessika Van, Actress; Ray Abruzzo, Actor; Dan Lauria, Actor; Victory Tischler-Blue, Producer, Photographer; Tony Stromberg, Photographer; Amber Valletta, Actress; Kimberly Van Der Beek, Producer; Hart Bochner, Actor; Daryl Wein, Writer, Director; Olivia Newton John, Singer, Actress; Mickey Rourke, Actor; Jeff Franklin, Creator / Executive Producer; John Stamos, Actor; Beth Behrs, Actress; and Drew Carey, Comedian / Host

Responses to "Celebrities Call for an End to Mass Slaughter of Wild Horses "

  1. Maya says:

    Wild horses belong to your landscape and your culture. The fight must go on ! From France I am with you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I have been photographing these magnificent animals for 20+ years. We definitely stand with you against this cowardly death sentence our (not sure they are ours) Senators and Representatives are planning for these amazing animals. I am furious that greed over-rules compassion! Do the work it takes to find a humane solution!!!!!!!!!!
    Evanston, WY

  3. Carol Bowen says:

    I have always loved horses and the freedom they represent. I have never understood why the female horses cannot be fixed so they cannot reproduce. At least some of them to keep the population down. I would like for my great grandchildren to still have the opportunity to see herds of wild horses running free

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is unthinkable, there has to be a humane way to remedy the situation. Wild horses have every right to be here just as we humans do, no matter what. Where do I sign the petition, how do we stop the slaughter??

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank You Everyone for the Love !!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    and Help !!

  7. Gina Skelton says:

    I am one with the horses, as well. I am anti slaughter. Count me in

  8. Kim says:

    Leave the wild horses alone. We took the Indians' land so don't take them also.

  9. I am so pleased that celebs have come out in favour of stopping actions against wild horses.
    American politicians, you should be ashamed at your inaction. Do something useful for once in your lives.
    The world is watching you!

  10. Unknown says:

    So glad that celebs are joining in with saving the Mustangs. By celebrities joining in with their support it does help the cause. Thank you.

  11. Unknown says:

    Stop the murder of our wild horses. Seems everything that is wild is now being destroyed by our government. From Wolves to Horses. They have a right to survive as they have done for hundreds of years. Anything that is a threat to the ranchers and their cattle is being destroyed.

  12. there is no need to dispose of any animal, they are meant to roam free as all living and breathing are meant to be free...

  13. I would like to donate to a wildlife refugee and help me to get started on helping all animals, which are either abused and or need some love and attention. If anyone would like to donate and help me to fund this awesome opportunity, please contact me at, and then from there I can speak with you over the phone. I know that there is allot of people with extra monies that would like to help, yes you do not know me, and I will tell you that I am sincere in beginning this journey to help assist animals. And in order for that to begin I will require some help.
    thank you

  14. Unknown says:

    These mustangs are part of our heritage let them b FREE

  15. Unknown says:

    It's so sad for this Mustangs๐Ÿ˜ข

  16. key1cindy says:

    If humans and government could leave the horses alone, there wouldn't be a problem to start with! Thank you all for standing up for our iconic horses!

  17. Anonymous says:

    You realize of course that the horse was an introduced species? In Canada they got rid of the wild ones on the Sheffield Army base. They were destroying the habitat for the Pronghorn Antelope. I believe there are cows in there now. I suppose the states will do the same thing. They want the range land for the cattle.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wish they had also mentioned domesticated horses who are being sent to slaughter. I see truckloads of horses going down the highways, some with Auction stickers on their butts, probably headed to Mexico for slaughter. It sickens me to the core. There are some cold, cold, greedy people out there who'll do anything to innocent animals for money.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It should be for all horses wild and domesticated. Here in Nevada our wild horses are almost gone and its a shame.I hope this will change and maybe President Trump can do something about it like change the laws.

  20. Sukawka says:

    Just a few hundred moved to special protected area I each state would Solve the problem. Hope Somebody reads this idea.

  21. pascale says:

    I come from the old continent, I just read all the comments and respond to one of them who says that the horses were introduced, I remind him that his ancestors were also introduced! I am an admirer and active supporter of your wild horses and burros, and I applaud the courageous associations that fight to save them. Please, keep your icons alive, protect them! The United States has often represented freedom with its horses, its expanses and its cultures. Come on, do not you feel that freedom is decreasing for you? Your horsehair, fur or feather icons are under threat and I am also worried about the future of your monuments. thanks for them

  22. Stop the Slaughtering of the Horses, They have the rights by law to live and breed. They were hear before us and they should have every respect to live on earth... Stop Killing horse and other animals. Stop chasing them Blm ….. Stop and leave them alone...…...

  23. Deanna26 says:

    Please help these desperate animals from slaughter they deserve respect ...Please help save them they're life is meaningful and beatuiful too ...PLEASE !

  24. llhuber says:

    Please do the right thing. Protect and proactively manage these herds that belong to the American public. There are humane measures that can be taken to control numbers! The BLM does nothing to manage. They simply sit back and watch the herd size grow then cruelly runs them down with helicopters. Pens and stockpiles them in poor conditions. Now their solution is to sell the American Icon to slaughter. All so politicians can make good on promises to the cattlemen that funded their campaigns. America has lost sight of what shes about and that she was built on the backs of horses!

  25. Amanda says:

    I stand with these people. Without out our wild horses there would not be no United states. They are a symbol of our wild west. Our freedoms. It is senseless to kill these magnificent animals.

  26. Unknown says:

    All the organizations on Wild Horses and Burros, groups go to Washington D.C. make appointment with the President (no matter if you are Democrat, Republican, etc.) Let Trump know what Zinke, some cattle ranches, selling most of them for dollar while sold a livestock. The racing horses also groups who wants to save them slaughters. These horses and burros are in super in the demand in China, etc. across either the two borders pack in ..... Do just talk etc. Talk to him.

  27. Unknown says:

    China cooks them on open pit fire alive and they do other animals this way. Just do it!! All the organizations on Wild Horses and Burros, groups go to Washington D.C. make appointment with the President (no matter if you are Democrat, Republican, etc.) Let Trump know what Zinke, some cattle ranches, selling most of them for dollar while sold a livestock. The racing horses also groups who wants to save them slaughters. These horses and burros are in super in the demand in China, etc. across either the two borders pack in ..... Do just talk etc. Talk to him.

  28. Unknown says:

    These are our wild horses..our heritage
    They feel when they're torn n separated from there families. Please stop the horror..trauma m abuse

  29. Unknown says:

    please, my friends, fight hard to save and protect all wild and non-wild horses and all animals, they belong here and have the right to live just like we do. The planet earth belongs to all beings, not just human beings. I beg everyone to do everything in their power to fight for wild horses and the entire web of life. Thank you.

  30. Unknown says:

    For almost a year now I have been trying to get this stopped, I have started a Fund raiser on FB to raise money to pay an tty to draft Legislation to end the unnecessary practice. Although the Humane Society does great work, without some type of Legislation to end this practice it will continue. we want to stop USDA from issuing permits for horses to be exported to Canada and Mexico as well asJapan to be slaughtered. we also propose that the horse be designated as a protected specises. people remember if it were not for the horse this Country may not have been what it is today. If your horse is no longer of use to you, and he or she has years of good service ahead of it, then if nothing else give it to a 4H child that will feed it and care for it, if the horse is in its later years then put the animal to sleep and bury it, this is dignity that the horse deserves. Kindest Regards to all AlParks

  31. Unknown says:

    I am glad to hear so many celebrities are speaking out but not clear as to why their names on a letter mean any more than the names of those of us who have been fighting to end the culling of wild horses for years! Everyone in the country needs to speak out just as so many of us recently did to save the Grizzly Bears in a courtroom in Montana. There are petitions out there....sign them fellow Americans!

  32. Unknown says:

    Loud and non stopping with no delay in favour of welfare of horses and every animal! Great.

  33. Take all of the Major Wild Horse Advocacy Groups such as American Wild Horse Campaign, Return to Freedom or the Cloud Foundation who want them to remain free on there HMA’s but they do Breed in excess and that’s why Roundups are necessary . The Corrals are becoming crowded because Adoptions are down, but could go up if these groups found ways to help with Adoptions for they ha the resources.

  34. Here on the Navajo Nation where our government rounds up horses and sells them to kill buyers there is a growing grassroots movement to stop this travesty.

  35. Epona says:

    The horses were not introduced. Skeletons of prehistoric horses have been found here. They take better care of the land than the cattle do. Seeds go thru horses digestive system and come out complete with fertilizer. Cattle digestive tracks kill the seeds.

  36. THANK YOU!!! We must save our wild horses. We must also make sure that the psychopath, Trump, doesn't get another bite of the apple. He loves to hurt anything that he CAN hurt easily--that is what psychopaths do. He doesn't care about the wild horses, but he does like to hurt the people who love them. That is where he gets his joy. By HURTING people, by breaking their hearts. That's why he wants to kill the horses. I don't know what you can do other than round them up and put them on a decent person's ranch. It's hard to protect wild horses. Perhaps a court ruling? I am behind you all the way. This evil thing loves to hurt beautiful and good things, and as a horse owner myself, I know how wonderful these animals are. Our wild horses should remain free, and appreciated, and kept safe.

  37. Unknown says:

    My Wishes I Would Give ,If Only My Babies Run Wild & Free .PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP THIS Horrible Unimaginable Nightmare of Pain ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ’”

  38. Anonymous says:

    I adopted one of the mustangs many years ago. She was one of the best horses I have ever owned and I've owned over 100. The Mustang needs to be promoted-it can do show jumping, cut cattle, driving, dressage-anything any other breed of horse can do. Promote them-show the public what they can do-encourage more people to adopt them (the ones currently in holding tanks). Leave the other mustangs alone-let them run free, run wild.

  39. Unknown says:

    Keep this protest going,don't stop, call the Interior Dept, in Washington,D,C.and demand action to stop the killing, they are responsible for it,the Mustangs are beautiful animals and are free like Americans are supposed to be,speak up and make it loud,call Trump.!!!

  40. ldrj says:

    We must save our wild herds and not let politics take away our history, our beloved wild herds.

  41. Thank you for standing up for our wild horses and PLEASE continue the fight to save them. They are Gods gift to mankind and they deserve to remain free.. The pipeline to slaughter is a ride to hell and these beautiful animals should never experience that evil ending to their lives. For many years I have voiced my opinion about slaughter and how wrong it is. As most of you may know it is all about big money!!!! Not about the welfare or the freedom of the wild horse. I pray that I may see the day that mankind will step up and do right by our wild life.

  42. the wild horses and burros are protected by the law passed in 1971. Lot of good that did them. The BLM and the Sec of the Interior - Zinke have waged a war on these animals to remove them from all parts of the West to clear the way for the 1% entitled ranchers who want to be free to overgraze our public lands, parks , and monuments. The oil, gas, and coal lobbies have contributed to the payola problem , encouraging this slaughter to be done. When was there a referendum for the entire country, asking the American people , who are ALL owners of these animals , what their opinions were???? NEVER!!!! Zinke and the merry band of killers have been consistently running horses to death, using heilos( which is prohibited) ATV's and jeeps -horses-old and very young burst their hearts and drop . This is an example of American values???These horses are living history -a visible example of our heritage and our freedom.We the people demand that they be protected in perpetuity with no possibility of changing this law. Further more, anyone who violates this FEDERAL WILL BE HARSHLY PUNISHED-NOT JUST A SLAP ON THE WRIST !!!!!!!aS A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY, i DO NOT WANT TO SEE THESE BEAUTIFUL, FREE HORSES AND BURROS FALL TO A SAVAGE SLAUGHTER BECAUSE SOME ENTITLED COWARDS ARE JUST TOO GREEDY. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!

  43. Gina says:

    No hay derecho que hagan esas matanzas, estoy totalmente en contra del sacrificio de animales salvajes y mas caballos lobos si, actores y gente importante no pueden hacer nada que podemos hacer nosotros y mas yo desde espaรฑa tan solo si no quieren tantos que hablen con paรญses europeos para que los ubiquen en otros sitios pero siguiendo siendo libres como hasta hora. Famosos no lo permitais son animales maravillosos. desde espaรฑa hare lo que me digais y apoyare.

  44. You guys don't know what you r talking about. I'm in favor of keep g some around but they will do both I g but suffer if the numbers aren't managed so sent them to slaughter and get some sort of use out of them you can't save every animal of every species

  45. Anonymous says:

    Why can't they just go back to capturing some like they used to and put them up for adoption like they used to 15 years ago??????

  46. Caseydtaylo77: You're the one who doesnt know what they are talking about. If the BLM would return natural predators to the plains, the horses wouldn't over populate or starve. And what is th ecomment about...getting some sort of use out of them? They owe you nothing....NOTHING and deserve to live free.

  47. Unknown says:

    Bless the wild horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Unknown says:

    I am with you. It is also happening here in Australia and I beleive, like you all, that it needs to stop.

  49. Trevor Sawyer says:

    It's time we stopped this type of thing no matter where it is,we are the ones the planet cannot sustain.

  50. Unknown says:

    Having Same Problem with State Governments in Australia,wanting to Slaughter our Wild Horses too.They were Good enough to carry our Soliers in the Lighthorse in World War 1,they were Good enough to be in the Opening Ceromony of The Sydney Olympics,Now they want them Dead.I Share your Pain at these Callous Bureaucrats that only care for Money,Greed Rules them.

  51. Unknown says:

    The Unknown Above is Me.Dianne Colbeck.

  52. Anonymous says:

    This is the Wild Horse and Burro Preservation Law 50th anniversary. Other interests in the 5% of federal land where are horses are need rules. One they cannot lobby against the horses. We love our horses and know in areas where no man interferrence (roundups nor birthcontrol) they regulate their own population quite well. Check out our beloved horses of the Heber NF. Indeed this herd has rare Spanish Gene (some herds are just native unique with that areas historical anthropological additions). Heber is a self regulated herd.

  53. PJ says:

    I have always been amazed how so many turn a blind eye and pretend ignorance to fact our Wild Horses Evolved in North America. America made one of the most beautiful and compassionate of mammals. and they are out there now in perfect harmony with our lands.

  54. Unknown says:

    Hasn't our country done enough killing for the sake of growth! Leave them be! This is what makes our country beautiful. Their lives matter. STOP NOW...

  55. Unknown says:

    Stop the killing!

  56. fltch says:

    They have had 50 years to come up with a plan for herd management and have made no changes. The wild horses in the west are as symbolic as the American Eagle..Let's not wait until they are gone to bring them save OUR wild horses, stop the cattle and sheep grazing on public lands and let the horses roam free.

  57. SuZeeQ says:

    It is about time our wild horses and burros receive the positive recognition they so justly deserve. We need to defeat the cattle and mining lobbyists whose policies are detremental to our public lands as evidenced in the BLM removing large numbers of horses and burros from our public lands.

  58. Carolyn Stroombeek says:

    It is time to limit grazing of cattle and sheep on public lands and save our wild horses and burros. We need to implement widespread use of humane conception control

  59. Unknown says:

    More celebrities, hollywood etc need to help stand up for our mustangs and burros that have no voice in houw they are abused. They are bothering NOBODY! They just want to live their lives FREE! If anybody were to see the STRONG family bonds they have for each other and the heartbreak of breaking the bands up. Flying helicopters and chasing them for MILES and separating foals from mares because the foals can't keep up is EXTREMELY ABUSIVE. SOMETHING DEFINITELY NEEDS TO BE DONE TO SAVE OUR MUSTANGS AND BURROS! Stop the selfish cattle and sheep ranchers that ALREADY have their land.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I have been saying this for years, leave the wild horses alone, they are a part of our history and some people have even died because of the greedy and nasty so called humans that think that even the public lands belong to them when they do NOT belong them, it is called public lands for a reason, it belongs to ALL of the people not just the ranchers who just dump their cattle out there and then don't even bother to protect their own stock, that is how come they also want all the wolves gone and all the predators gone, they put money ahead of everything, one day it will come back to them for what they are doing now, it is karma and it is very real and it will hit them hard!!!!

  61. Unknown says:

    I guarantee either the politicians in the Western States get on board and the White house administration help save wild horses or face 400,000 independent voters in Nevada and 30,000,000 independent voters nationally that will vote you out. 83% of Americans love animals including our wild horses in the west--Get a clue. The BLM is a grossly mismanaged bureau and needs an overhaul now. Wild Horse

  62. Terrie P says:

    The BLM panders to ranchers at the expense of All wildlife. The Dept of the Interior really doesn't need the BLM and should defund it. Fish and Wildlife should than take over BLM's jurisdiction.

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