Anchorage resident Tim Newton awoke to the sound of something running across his deck in the area of Flattop, last Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. So naturally, he went to check it out.

"I crept over to the window and opened the curtains a crack, and could see it looked like a cat," he told Channel 2. But to his surprise it was no regular house cat.

"I started to think nothing more of it," he said. "But then I noticed it had really big feet and little tiny hairs on its ears. So I knew then it was probably a lynx kitten – not a full grown cat."

Newton says he captured approximately 10 or 20 photos, before the lynx kittens disappeared off the north end of the deck to the other side of the house. Ultimately, this led him to discover the rest of the litter and mother lynx.

"Then I saw the grass... rustling," he says. "It's like in Jurassic Park! We got the velociraptors going through the bushes – well that's what I saw. And lo and behold, one by one, all these baby lynx came to mama and shuffled out onto the deck, right in front of me, where I was standing behind the screen."

In total, the family was made up of eight lynx – seven kittens and one mother.

Photos Source Tim Newton Photography

"They're kind of confused that there might be anything near, because I'm behind the screen," explains Newton. "But they can hear my camera. That's that one picture where you see them on the deck. They're looking at the noise."

Photos Source Tim Newton Photography

After about 40 total minutes of visitation, Newton says all the kits worked their way over to the mother lynx, and she then walked off into the bushes with her family.

Responses to "Mama Lynx And Her Seven Kittens Make Surprise Visit To Alaska Resident"

  1. Poor animals they must be very hungry to approach humans looking fod food

  2. Lovely to see

  3. Tasunke says:

    What a grate gift, watching this !!! Thank you for share it!
    Mother earth and her children!

  4. DH says:

    They look thin. Those paws!! Like Anniehomelss says, perhaps that is why they were coming around humans. Beautiful creatures. I wish them blessings.

  5. Morgana says:

    Why this man did not give them something to eat, maybe he thought they would keep coming over

  6. Unknown says:


  7. Monica says:

    probably hungry since everyone has moved in on their hunting grounds ,kinda like the english did when they took over our lands and killed all our buffalo and made us go hungry it is the sad truth

  8. Olga says:

    Yes, my first impression was also they are desperately hungry - the whole bunch and mother lynx too begging for help.... it makes me sad

  9. Anonymous says:

    they are not hungry, nor malnourished, they are perfectly proportioned for their age. The mom is just introducing them to their territory.

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