The hilarious shots show the stag turning to face photographer, Paul Taylor, with some extraordinary markings on his backside - which remarkably look just like an owl.

The 51-year-old, from Bewerley, North Yorkshire, was visiting Studley Royal Deer Park with his brother.

The pair were hoping to catch a good deer rutting picture opportunity when they spotted the unusual looking Sika deer.

He said: 'This is my favourite capture due to the posture of the stag and the markings on its rear end.

'It almost seems to be conscious of it and one could be forgiven for feeling that it is irritated that I have taken a photograph of something which it finds embarrassing.

'This is one of those moments which reveals the wonder of nature.

'You may have seen a hundred deer before but their markings make them all unique.

'I feel lucky to have access to such a wonderful range of wildlife, living as I do in Nidderdale, which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.'

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  1. MamaCat says:

    This is so neat! I love it! I’m positive there will be nothing like it again. 😄

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