Soldier brings drowned puppy back to life by performing CPR on its tiny body during incredible rescue after flood

A video of Weeraphon Sukudom saving the pup's life has been viewed millions of times around the world

A heroic soldier has won praise from all over the globe after he saved the life of a tiny puppy by performing CPR.

A video of Weeraphon Sukudom bringing the pup back to life has been seen millions of times since it was posted online by his colleagues.

The tiny animal was found in a flooded garage on a Thai army base, and had already turned blue when Weeraphon began his efforts to save him.

In the video the 25-year-old soldier, who had never performed CPR before, is seen giving the puppy a heart massage and helping the animal breathe.

The dog was feared dead after being found in the aftermath of heavy floods, which caused chaos in Thai capital Bangkok on Friday. But Weeraphon laid the animal on a table and performed CPR for three minutes before he sprang back into life.

The soldier has since adopted the puppy, who he has named Champion. He said, Newsflare reports: "There was a lot of rain and the garage where the puppies were kept flooded. We checked and one was missing. "We found him floating in the water and started trying to save him. I learned CPR a long time ago but had never done it before on a human or animal. But I had to try to save the little dog."

He said he thought the dog was already dead, but decided to try to save him regardless, describing the pup's survival as a 'miracle'.


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